The First Seasonal Defensive Dragon Rider, Tanok!


Cynical me says they’ll be on page 2 if so.


Right? Was thinking the same thing… and I definitely won’t be buying page 2.


This is huge if it’s the storage hut, will give me two extra lvls on my flaks


Do we really know that construction reduction doesn’t stack? I know that everyone thinks it doesn’t but there has only be one rider with it so far. It might as well stack unless some PG-guy said explicitly it doesn’t and I haven’t seen it.
That would make a big difference for leveling and using this rider.

Another question that has been asked before and hasn’t been answered is whether the lumber storage applies to the hut and is global or whether it affects the mills and is local.


Some pg guy said it:



also here:


Ask yourself: “Do I really believe the construction bonuses from 2 different defense riders will stack to give me an additional 20% reduction in building time?”

The answer seems pretty clear, even if it hadn’t already been given.


I know it wasn’t plausible. Just couldn’t find where it said it. It wasn’t in here where i would have expected it and I wanted to be certain.
Answer has been given. Thanks to the people who looked it up and saved me time. So we can move on.

Edit: i just realized the answer was here all along and I just have missed it


If it makes you feel any better, they’re applying additional slow-down mechanics in Atlas too. They used to have a fairly small quantity of rider shards (to level riders) in the Primarch/Rider Leveling event prizes… now the only way to get them in any useful amount is buy atlas chests (with the new atlas currency that you also pretty much have to spend real money to obtain). So yeah - all is well if you were paying anyway - but if you aren’t spending, you are dropping behind - even with access to Atlas.


OmG that gear is so sad


Saw that–I have Atlas forum access. :slight_smile: It doesn’t really make me feel better, though. :cry: Layers upon layers of de facto penalties for the new or behind. It’s like a regressive onion.


I’m pretty sure it will split. Just like with multiple dragons, expert or not. But I suppose this COULD be different. :man_shrugging:


Easy solution, just abandon all the friends you’ve made in the game to join a team that has Atlas. Who cares that they’ve been instrumental in your development and enjoyment of the game… Clearly, if you haven’t already bailed on them for personal gain, you don’t really care enough.


It splits. So, be sure you get your atlas rider maxed (or at least to 30) before you start relying on defensive glory alone.

Assuming you have the shards, you could swap out the atlas rider for the seasonal and level more quickly by attacking. Then you could have two max riders.

But that’s just one idea.

The glory splits though.


Most people always have bases boosted so why not just ditch the spear?
That way you don’t have people who don’t read the forums wasting all those extra sigils on a useless gear?
Could have just ditched the spear and had it 10/13 by making the ring a little stronger Idk just makes more sense to me then all those sigils wasted on a spear or Shield that has no benefit. I’m sure a lot of people will get all the gear without knowing this.

Also how do you which one will be decreased the
Atk or Hp? Will it be random if we don’t unequip a piece of gear?


It’s not equipment stats that Crisis is talking about, it is rider skill tree.

It is well known you cannot max out every branch of the skill tree. So Crisis is laying out two scenarios - if you max out AP skill, what is the max you can get for HP; and if you max HP skill, what is the max you can get for AP.


Is there any restriction of perch level to take advantage of storage hut capacity of new rider? Can I create level 1 perch and add frigg + Rider?

@PGCrisis can you confirm about wood storage capacity feature? Does it impact storage hut or wood farm mills?


I believe the buffs scale down from 100% at level 30 perch to 50% at level 1 perch? Or something like that. Search for perch buffs.


Thanks. Found it.


@PGCrisis why the lame common gear?

For more than 20k sigils? That seems like a gigantic middle finger.

Surely a set of upgraded rares would be more on par?