The fix for lightspeed spell - by Rage 😡

The lightspeed spell… is there a more useless spell ?
This is my suggestion :
Lightspeed, blue spell, 1 rage etc. everything like it is but this is the kicker - when you activate it, one tap would shoot 3 bolts so you would shoot 3 round bursts with the hunter that has it!
Two taps would shoot 6 bolts and so on, but everything else like the damage being little less etc. and other things about the spell would remain excatly the same! Eh?
Tell me what you guys and gals think please?

  • Rage - :rage:
    ”what goes up must come down - gravity kills, unfortunately we see more egos than skillz”

Use multiple fingers and tap faster. You end up gaining more damage per second overall compared to normal attacks


Doh! :joy: thats what you do anyways lol!
but three targets getting 3 shot bursts…
I think that would be awesome + not everyone can master the three tap etc.

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