The forums are like death row

Enough said tbh.
Why Is everyone on here so negative and eager to put people down? You guys are heartless seriously… and criticise me all you want from this but the people you have affected will know what I mean.
It actually is stricter than a prison :joy:
And you’re all so picky in what you deem inappropriate for forums,
Oh and one more thing. #freedomofspeech

  1. Forums don’t revolve around you.
  2. PG isn’t the US government.

The “freedom of speech” argument has already been covered. If you feel that a private entity controlling the platform that they own is an issue I suggest you discuss it with a legal aid. Possibly one that has knowledge of Facebook / Twitter / the entire Internet.

If you have an issue with the tone of the forum I would suggest making positive contributions instead of complaining about it. If a party isn’t fun you don’t make it fun by complaining that people aren’t being fun; you make it fun by doing fun things and getting people to join you.

As it stands you are currently violating the “be constructive” part of the Code of Conduct as this thread offers nothing constructive at all.


A constructive thing would be suggesting that you keep your horses from putting more than 3/4 of ideas people have down because it doesn’t concern them personally.

Edit: I think the phrase I am implying is, fight fire with fire.



Who is that? She’s hot.

Sorry you feel that way. The forums are here to challenge peoples’ opinions and find better solutions, as well as provide help/support. Be open minded about the criticism.


Cersei Lannister…

Horses? I have no idea what horse you’re talking about.


Whoa that’s Cersei? Damn she fine, what series?

You. Are, a. Cowboy.

You’re beating a metaphor to death there. Make cowboy jokes all you want but you’re accusing me of doing something and I’m not sure if you mean I directly did a thing or one of my agents did a thing or a mod did a thing or what-have-you. I’m open to criticism but it has to make sense.

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You. Just ate a cowboy. You sir
Are a dead meme

Why are you acting so immature?

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When I’m serious, my ideas are just put in the bin so… Can’t win :joy:

I suggest you take a breather. If you’d “rather not have forums”, there is always the option to close the tab out and do something else. And I highly doubt Jared wants to be spending his time like this.


This is slightly off topic but has anyone else noticed that there are like 200,000 people who play WD but only about 600 on the forums?? :thinking:

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He is 14 years old … a youngun in a sea of old and boring people. :slight_smile:


And about 50 same ppl ull find in threads.
Actually, less. :mask:

I’m sorry but age really shouldn’t be a factor, maturity is what matters and If u lack it…well so bad so sad