The future (is there one?) of research


I’m putting this here because it’s relevant to the breeding event. I know it’s been asked and as far as I can tell ignored. So just was asking for some definitive, honest, dare I say transparent answers about research beyond the current Sapphire.

Many players have nothing to breed and have finished all research. I know, I know, 3rd world problems. But it’s a little inconvenient to have an event, especially in the first 2 week discount dragon period, where you really have only 2 options.

  1. don’t participate and hurt your team score
  2. breed research eggs for tiers that don’t exist yet and may never

All I’m asking, and I think it’s a fair ask, is that we get a dev response of “hey, we hear you” and “it’s coming” or to quote an old phrase “it’s not currently on the roadmap.” I know that would come with the right to change your mind at any time but I just think it’s an easy thing to do. And an easy way to get a little credibility. Not everyone is going to like the answer. Hell, I’m probably going to get flamed for the question.
I just can’t fathom why you wouldn’t release more. It’s been forever since sapphire was released. And newer players currently scrambling for egg tokens will eventually find out that timers, not egg tokens, are the real blocker once you get to a certain level. Just like ice and fire turrets are about as worthwhile as ballistas at a certain level. Research is like 6-7 tiers behind dragons.
If you’re really on a 6 month cadence of tiers, why not legendaries, wait 2 months, mythics, wait 2 months, new research, wait 2 months, new tier legendaries. Seems so easy. :man_shrugging:

@PGJared @Arelyna sorry if mistagged. Any light you can shed on this or track down someone who can?


A response to this question from someone in the know would be really appreciated…I have been told in the past new research would eventually be released but so far that has not come to pass. I want to do something for my teams score but continuing to breed research eggs without a clear answer from anyone from PG if there will ever be new research is just wasteful. Any answer would be nice at this point and make me feel better about not wasting egg tokens but still helping my team score points and getting sigils for this season.


I was thinking of posting something similar today, but didnt want to spend time researching old topics to get flamed by the question as you so eloquently put it.
More reasearch! More timers!


Maybe you can post this to one of the topics created by Jared.


I would definitely toss this into one of the topics that Jared posted from the 2019 Roadmap Announcement that @BUGALL0N kindly linked above.

This also is something that members of the dev team are looking into already.


I have been asking over and over about it …no one will ever give an answer please someone say yes in the future or no never …just an answer of some sort would be nice.


I would like to see research at higher levels become affordable for an average player. If it’s anything like sapphire research, it would be a complete ripoff. It’s like 350K tokens for a 5% HP buff for warriors. Or you can level your shield up twice and that does it too for a fraction of the cost. And would I really have to spend 200k egg tokens to get the nocturnal fissure upgrade for a spell that isn’t even used anymore by people who can afford that? The research just isn’t good for the high amounts of tokens it costs players.

The only thing I could see is if they completely revamped research. Keep the old research but have a new tab for a completely different research tree. The research done on the tree is full of complete garbage that may have had value years ago but most are just buffers to get a good one.


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