The Future of Atlas Seasonal Gear


Next atlas season will complete the 8 piece set of gear with the shield and weapon. Which leads to the question of what will happen next? Will we just restart the cycle of elite gear or will we see the introduction of “mythic” gear. I’ve heard various rumors about that mythic gear and while it’s not confirmed, I just wanted to share this idea I had. This is assuming the next set of gear will be mythic.

In my opinion, mythic gear isn’t a good idea. We’ve seen how much of a difference just elite makes on bases and dragons, imagine an additional 5-10% on top of that. Sure it might be nice for those who have the gear, as someone who maxed out this season it would benefit me, but the main issue I have with it is that it’ll ruin the already fragile balance in the game.

If everyone had the ability to level up this gear it might not be a big deal, but since the shard payout from beasts on higher teams is much much higher than most teams, it means the top players get another major advantage. Atlas has been a fairly balanced game mode in terms of activity being awarded. But with the increased shard costs for this “elite” gear, it has already been more difficult to level this gear to keep dragons/bases up with some of the higher up teams. Mythic gear I could imagine would be even worse.

On top of that, gear has made this game even less about skill. Top spenders now have a way to get items that exponentially increase their dragons potential. Smaller players don’t have access to the same beasts and shard payouts so it just impacts the balance. I definitely believe if you’re on a top team that you deserve to get better rewards that lower tier teams. And that if you’re a higher level you should have access to better items. HOWEVER I think that our current system of elite gear is a good enough balance between the spending base and F2P base. Isn’t too expensive to level but still is a challenge for those who don’t buy packs constantly. I don’t think adding mythic gear is going to go over well.

The issue of people wanting new gear that they haven’t gotten yet is definitely a problem. Most players don’t need two sets of elite gear for each element. So what would the top players gain from the cycle starting over? My suggestion for this would be to have elite gear remain as the prize, but each piece have an extra bonus of some sort to make it a little better than the previous elite.

For example, an elite ring could give the current 25% or whatever ATK bonus but also a rage generation that maxes out at 4% at level 10. Maybe starts at 1% and goes up a little each level. For the base gear you could have an added boost of let’s say construction time decrease. I guarantee plenty of players would go for that in a heartbeat.

These boosts wouldn’t necessarily make a dragon or base much stronger than it already is, but it possibly would be good enough for some higher tier players to still consider spending. Especially the construction boost, that is a huge help in saving speedups so players would probably go after it.

Just a thought or two. Again I know it’s not confirmed either way yet, but from my experience with PG. Better to start discussions before it’s released or else it’ll already be way too late.


I’d be fine with “Mythic Gear”


It came with a weakness. Attack+ but dark flaks do an additional +% (to the dragon). HP+ but rage regen is reduced by %. Etc. Towers have a higher attack, but fire % slower, have higher HP but are weak to dragon of X element.


Mythic gear, great, another reason for PG to increase prize line costs.

I couldn’t wrap my head around how the best pieces of gear (sword/shield) would be in the same season without the prize line cost increasing, low and behold…


Could just simply be:

  • 200% attack with 0% defence gear
  • 0% attack with 200% defence gear.



Like. Wat?




What balance? :smile:


Gear already destroyed any semblance of balance, but it made PG money so they don’t care. What’s another 25% on top of the already completely OP gear.


To an extent yes, but lower levels still can keep up relatively well. Just takes grinding. Increasing shard costs is gonna hurt.


No grinders can’t keep up. Maybe with one or two sets. But not beyond that. But whatever, regardless of What we say or discuss here on forums pG will do whatever they think will Make them immediate money. What we say doesn’t matter. But I would prepare yourselves for mythic gear, it’s the worst idea for the game and will make PG money = exactly what they will Do.


How sure are we? If I were they I’d drag it out one more season, releasing weapon and shield separately. Why would they plan both together?

On topic, they have kind of painted themselves into a corner. They’ve got to keep providing comparable prizes to give new players a chance and different or better prizes for old players. It’s the same old perpetual treadmill as any other asset in this game. If new atlas prizes affected atlas more strongly and the original game less, maybe it would be less limiting. Like the seasonal primarch buffs, there are other benefits I’d pay for as an individual or for my team. Movement speed, more/better beasts, castle defense or siege features… it’s not as attractive to players, but another way they can keep their options open is more ephemeral prizes. In the mythic gear example, maybe it takes damage or goes out of style over time. Probably can’t cost as much to level, since at some point it would evaporate. 🤷


Looks like he exploded


That’s still gonna be a huge increase tho. Pure attack and HP is much more important than rage generation. When you get hit by a mage and have 0 rage, those two things are all that matter. Maybe if the debuffs were more substantial…


That’s what I suggest, substantial. That’s why I didn’t list any numbers


The real point is that it doesn’t make sense if you have lv 10 legendary gear to go for elite let alone mythic. The amount of shards you will waste to be on par AGAIN is doable for ppl who buy these shard packs. And then the final levels for crumbs of more power.

I don’t know any grinder with max elite attack dragon sets (you see the s for plural meaning several element sets) or even legendaries.

So yeah it’s the old

Wow there is something new let’s get it bs…:roll_eyes:


Just a thought, taken in part from the comments I read here:
For the next two seasons, perhaps they could offer only one new piece of gear (weapon or shield) and introduce a new set of branches where the players must commit to one element, but allow the player to choose which piece of gear they get when they claim the gear prize(s). This would, of course, exclude the weapon and shield. This would allow the veteran Atlas players who already have all of the helms, chestplates, gloves, rings, pants and boots they need to work toward a new piece of gear (weapon or shield) and those who are new to Atlas or missed out on a piece of gear in the past a shot at getting them. Seems like a compromise for both the haves and the have-nots, and not a particularly difficult change for PG to facilitate since they could use the framework of their existing prize lines and just change the gear prizes from fixed to opening up several options to choose from. :man_shrugging:


The easy route is mythic with a 10% bump on stats and 20% more glory requirements. Why would they do anything else? They will keep the treadmill in place.


You are very likely right. My idea was just something meant to (possibly) keep as many people happy as possible. Clearly an insane concept. Jealousy breeds competition. Competition breeds revenue.


I mean they could still make this a mythic gear, however, without increasing the already broken numbers (100/100) they could rather add extra features as you suggested. (Rage, Ammo, construction reductions for defence and so on) but obviously on levels that wouldn’t make it a “must have” gear. This way spenders or people with already maxed shits has something new to look forward to and the grinders can still work on the elites as they are doing now without falling back on stats. but I guess Ammo/constructions even on minor levels can have huge benefits so it will have to be adjusted very carefully I guess :man_shrugging:


maybe we dont have mythic gear but a modify pack that varying the stats