The Galileo Tim tam hunt

Live on stream he asked me to hunt him down and bring him Tim tams, anyone wanna help?
If you have Tim tams and like Galileo come with me and we shall give gal all the Tim tams and we will hopefully get to claim branches for free!
@PGGalileo theres no escape :joy:


Who this Tim Tams? Did they make Tik Taks ?

The best chocolate biscuit in australia


Can I see a picture of it? Cause now I’m thinking of chocolate in cased cookies but if they were the size of said biscuit



Oh that’s like our American candy bars but they must be different wouldn’t mind if I had a way to try it sometime.

It looks like a chocolate graham with a biscuit texture :yum:
Now I want one

I’m close enough to SF but no idea where to get Tim Tams lol

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What type do you want cause I can source them all.

  • Standard
  • Double coat (extra choc)
  • Caramel
  • Dark
  • White
  • Salted Caramel
  • Raspberry & Dark
  • Choc Mint
  • Coffee
  • Salted Double Choc
  • Mango & Cream
  • Banoffee

@PGGalileo order up and post address PM address for recieval


Ship it their offices :rofl:

220 Montgomery Street, Suite 750 San Francisco, CA 94104

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I would but they may sit there for a while… and Tim Tam’s are highly valuable in America so if it is left alone someone will probably break in to steal them :rofl:


Wow those look good. Never heard of them until now, and now I want some :joy:

I’ve had them. The Aussies brought us back a Chinook load of candy and stuff in Afghanistan. IIRC, Tim Tams LOOK amazing, but their looks are deceiving (if you’re used to “American” milk chocolate and like it). They lack the “sweetness” you’d expect. Not saying they aren’t good, if you prefer Aussie and/or English sweets…

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Let’s do this. :sunglasses:

Haha, Amazon has some that can be shipped.


I think I have some plain ones in rhe fridge at home.

Best use of them is for a Tim Tam slam, bite the opposite corner and suck your favourite drink through them and watch as they melt down in your fingers.

The Caramel ones are a bit to tough in the fridge but hold together the best when used as a straw.


Go go Straya! We will need to send Tim Tams for entire WD team!
Happy to contribute chocolates :grin:

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Uhh how many people are in the team :sweat_smile:

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They sell them at Wal~Mart :see_no_evil:

@PGGalileo your predecessors know all about the goodies I brought to last Summit… :wink: