The Game's Graveyard

Tbh the video is best, but if you aren’t able to listen to it:

At this point in time, there is zero need for the lower leagues. Gold 2 and down is a holding cell for ghosts of teams that used to be. Players that are in these leagues can’t attack a lot of the other players because the bases are inactive.

It used to be that these leagues were great for new members learning the basics of the game. However, when Atlas became platinum and above, atlas teams became higher in demand. Lower leagues began starving for recruits. At this point in time, Gold 1 and maybe Gold 2 are the only slightly active lower leagues.

The teams who stand a shot of making it out of these lower leagues as a new team are those who start off as a group with a set plan in mind, and even then they have to start off in bronze.

I propose that at the end of the current Atlas season, Gold 2 and below are wiped from the game’s existence. As stated, they currently serve no purpose other than a holding cell for dead teams. At this time, every team left in game should be given Atlas access. Get rid of the have/have not effect in the lower leagues.

Before, it was said that the whole game couldn’t have Atlas access because it would overload the system. While that is probably true, cutting the dead weight will remove almost 10, 000 dead and inactive teams, leaving only about 400 teams that still need it. Let Gold 1, at most Gold 2 become the new starting point for teams. Then they don’t have to wander through a wasteland in order to get anywhere meaningful.

That’s right. We are talking about almost 10k teams that are just taking up space and have maybe 15 people at the most. Trim the fat and give Atlas to the rest of the meat. It is a part of the game that is invaluable to any team wanting to get new players and any player that wants to get better.

That’s the summary of the video without my beautiful voice.


Atlas access was moved to sapphire because plat teams were struggling. Don’t think low gold teams will do much better
What about the people who are in low leagues because they don’t want to be on an atlas team and want to focus on the main game? They can’t escape atlas if every team has it and they still need to be on a team to participate in events.


I don’t deny this at all. It would, however, help out teams just starting out.

Nothing is saying that the teams with Atlas have to use it. There are several teams that currently have Atlas that use only the bare bones. They can have it and happily ignore it if they are on the right team.


So let’s say there’s a peaceful Gold II team formed by friends or family who enjoy to play occasionally. Would they be forced to join a Gold I/Plat team they might not want to?

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I think these would be valid concerns if PG moved to get rid of pirate teams. But they don’t seem inclined to do that, and as long as they don’t do that, any team can simply not engage with Atlas if they don’t want to.


Not at all. I think that as long as the team itself is actually active and not a group of 5 inactive alts that it should be able to exist. I’m in no way saying that everyone needs to play the same way. That would be rude and ignorant of me. I think there is enough space in Gold 1/2 to fit these laid back, social teams but get rid of the ones that are quite literally nothing.


Very well put. I 100% agree with everything here. I feel everything would become more balanced if PG considers this idea. There are more dead or inactive teams in the league sequence than actual active teams put together, and that’s disturbing, because they’re just sitting there doing nothing. Therefore, I think you made a valid point, in the video, AND in the summary.



How do we know they are just sitting there? They could be plotting something massive and we don’t know anything about it :joy:


True that :joy:

I agree with the core of the idea. That said, i believe there is a too large gap, between top and bottom to play together.
And PG keeps increasing that gap.

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I agree there are things that can be done to make Atlas more accessible for the lower leagues, but if the argument is simply that “there are too many other teams” then it seems like the first step would be to get rid of the ones that are shells. I’m not claiming that this is a fix-all for Atlas in the least. That’s way to complex an issue to attack in one post.


I think cutting those leagues would be good but I think it would be better to cut it in steps. See how many teams have 1-4 players in it and cut all of those. Then see how many teams you have left and how much it fills.

I believe bronze 2 is full of brand new teams of people trying to be a leader or escape everyone else. Gold 4 thru bronze 1 is full of teams who have given up or are brand new teams moving up. All of silver and bronze 1 are full of dead teams and should be cut. Bronze 2 is full of useless brand new teams.

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Lets say PG did this. Wouldnt platinum just be the new dead bronze. PG would need to allow platinum to expand horizontal to cope with all the new teams.
Its known from most games, that most new players stops again fairly quick and leaves ghost accounts. These would now just be in another league than bronze. Or did i misread the proposal?

There could be higher requirements before joining a team though. Like a global pool for new players before meeting the requirement for joining teams. That way the social aspect would still be there.

Not entirely sure what you mean. It shouldn’t be. Otherwise the teams currently in plat will all die, and there seems to be a good amount of activity there.

Not necessarily. There would be one, if not two gold leagues that they can shift between. The highly active gold teams and lower active plat 4 teams can go back and forth the way they do now.

I’m not opposed to other suggestions.

Teams can squat in Plat 1 now with 5 non active alts or 7 - 10 level 59 noobs/scrubs. No problem.

2.5 years ago Plat 1 required a real team that did waves and defenses for 16 hours.

I’m sure Plat would be just fine with an influx of low - lazy critters.


You mean global chat? Cause that’s worse than LC. :joy:


AH! I think I know what you mean based off of what Hwrd was saying. No, this isn’t really requiring teams to be forced to merge. Nor is it shifting the dead weight teams to platinum. It’s just scrubbing all of the teams that are inactive and sit around with 4 people who get autokicked. The teams currently in plat would stay in plat. The teams currently in Gold 1 would stay in Gold 1.

Can you believe I used to like that crap? Smh.


This idea could actually be good for the long term health of the game in another way. If you are just starting out and unlock being on a team you probably don’t have friends yet. If the game places you on a team that is dead because it is set to auto accept, now you are first excited and then think awe this is dumb.

I know when I first started 2.5 years ago if there hadn’t been 1 other dude on the team that was active and we decided to try for a better team, I wouldn’t be here. So by nuking the dead teams and getting a higher concentration of folks on the teams there is a better of chance new folks enjoying the social aspect and staying.


Definitely a sign the player base is dwindling when we need to cut leagues!:man_facepalming:
But have to agree something needs to be done and all players need atlas access!