The games music

First off, the music in War Dragons is tired. It’s hard to hear the same music day after day. I have to play with the music off now. Most MMOs, will change up their soundtrack with New Expansions. With that said, It would be nice if there were a variety of musical themes a team could select from.

For example: If a player does their war run, the team theme would play for both teams. Make it select-able like the team shields.


The game has music? :thinking: never listened to it. Must have turned it off on day one and never looked back.


I’ve been playing on silent lmao :rofl:

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I also play on silent :laughing:

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I dont even remember what it sounds like, been on silence from the very first week.

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Yes I too think the song should be changed. This is a minor issue compared to others but something that shouldn’t be ignored. The definition has been updated, we have a new events UI, skin has been changed multiple times. Switching it so loading game can be one song, going into battle is another. Picking songs I think is too much. Most people are doing waves and ain’t nobody got time to pick a song. Maybe less would play on silent…

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That moment when you do a quick log in while in your bed (gf sleeping on your side) or inside a building (in silence) and you forgot you set the volume up to listen to something. Unfortunately I know the games music every once and then and always on those kind of situations :joy:

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