The gift that keeps on giving


:metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:Amazing teammates! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


The :sun_with_face:


Seasonal mythics. You get them, then you get nerfs for them, then you get regret, tears and anger


Hmmm, I’d go with glitter. You can’t get rid of it and it goes everywhere


Yeah, @TheRedDelilah didn’t clean up the glitter and started making things sparkle :roll_eyes:


I was thinking of tagging her here too lol, but I already tagged her on another thread not too long ago so I didn’t invite her to the glitter party :crazy_face:


Taco Bell


Glitter will forever give you the gift of groaning and saying “There is still even more glitter?”


Have you seen the video of the guy who made the glitter throwing bait package for would-be “doorstep package bandits”? It was quite a beautiful, high tech machine by the time he finished with it (as far as pranks go).


Yep. I laughed so much while watching that video :rofl:


See, I have three kids. Two of whom are girls under 10. I have experienced glitter. I have fought against glitter. I have eaten glitter and picked it out of my damned beard for crying out loud! That machine…watching that super-fine billowing mushroom cloud…I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, applaud, or try to figure out if it had somehow violated the Geneva Conventions.


Lol @BattleBeard :joy::joy: I’m not sure about the Geneva Convention violations, but I’m pretty sure that it violates at least a dozen U.N. Resolutions pertaining to Environmental Protections. :joy::joy:

You’re right though… Those glitter bombs would be considered cruel and unusual punishment for most adult humans. For “Porch Pirates” through… I call them Karma! :joy::+1:


Yes! So funny! :rofl:


Free sigils!!! Thank you!