The glitch is back!?!?

Or maybe it was never fixed? Idk but during war last night a red mage in the same spot iirc on the middle perch island a SS was activated and it travelled past 4 islands to hit my teammates dragon. I remember a thread what seemed like a year ago about red mage thinks it’s Kobe :joy:
Was this just never fixed?

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It was never fixed


Should have known…

The " glitch " came back… the very next dayyyyyyyyy…
Ooohhhh the “the glitch” came back… it wont never go awayyyyyyyyy…

“Theory of a Dead dragon”



None of this makes any sense to me & your starting to become annoying

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Theory of a dead man? The b**** came back lol it’s a song. And if you think I’m annoying, let me enlighten you to how much I dont care :grin::fu:
Have a good day


Just gonna leave this here. This dates back to tin pan alley.


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