The Goal of Team Quests

I would love to hear how PG sees team quests. Originally I saw them as rewards for being active, maybe even an incentive to put in just a bit more effort than you were going to for a worthwhile gain. I quickly realized…no, dont be dumb.

They are essentially a death grip on any benefit that pretty much tests your level of pain tolerance in order to see what you are willing to lose in order to have a minimal gain, although realistically you end up net negative.

Assuming this was NOT the thought process, could someone please clue me into what they were intended to be so we can try and explain how they miss the mark. @PGCrisis we can start here.


Use 45 hammers :sob: i have 60 only, why waste on bulshit? You aren’t increasing hammers drops ? @PGECho


I agree 100 percent. This is completely stupid. I had to use 80 healing potions for 100 15 minute speed ups. I need 50 days per tower. Not to mention it was like smashing my head against a wall for an hour.

And expect max defense in every single event hit :pensive::pensive::pensive:


I wouldnt mind team quest if the rewards were worth the work

The rewards from the top chest are small and rewards from each quest arnt even worth it…

For quest like use 45 hammers, maybe give a reward of 145 hammers + coins to go towards chest…


I think they would be much more effective in minor events where wars are allowed…many of these quests can be completed that way no?


You’d have to be warring two teams and defend on at least 80 defense between the two…you’re likely not going to be able to do that solely on the wars themselves

3 teams and god forbid a 4 team war (is that possible I don’t remember lol) would obviously make this task a bit easier…at least defensively

@PGJared @PGCoffee @PGCrisis can someone respond so we know the dialog is open for discussion and voicing our concerns
even if its just a hi or eyeballs, something so we know to start ranting lol


I can certainly say I want to use my hammers on that crap :man_shrugging:t2: No thanks I don’t need the that Prize

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Agreed I got the following quests:

  1. 5 revenge attacks. (10 points)
  2. 45 gunpowder usage. (30 points)
  3. 80 attacks on level 195 @100%. (120 points)

With the new quests there is little or no net gain and the revenge attacks disappear after 1 attack so have to come back and hope someone has hit you again. Or ask in LC for some help.

The real kick in the teeth is the 80 attacks in 24 hours at 100% if have lots of defenders it basically means need at least 2 dragons and 200 potions come on PG.


Perhaps this is their typically “let’s make it suck, so when we make it less sucky it looks good” tactic. Lol

I made some constructive suggestions in a PM perhaps I should make them public


Our team just finished lvl 1 chest. You get nothing, it only upgrades and at the end of pvp we can open.

Guess what it added, 5 of each dragon boost! :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

This is not even close to worth the effort, it is a pure negative. PG please respond!


Copy/paste of my minor suggestions in pm with exception to a few irrelevant redactions.

New features are supposed be inviting, not something that is looked at as something dreadful. Something to take the edge off of the monotony of egg missions, while the middle mission really isn’t so bad itself, it’s the prizes really, that just are meh to me…maybe if the first two weren’t 24 hour resets but like 6 it’d be cool and maybe even fun (and I don’t mean have a 6 hour time to completion but basically a 6 hour cool down period (like egg tokens but having a limit and can’t be sped up, or if ya wanna introduce another ruby spending element…speed them up and keep the limit)…so like if ya take 10hrs to do it great, you can do it again in 6)…to get back to the point, for some it may reduce The monotony, but I don’t really feel like it will. For the time spent I’d rather do egg missions. At least the results are significantly better.

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oh wow, if it was compounding it would have been somewhat arguable that its just out of scale, but this is ridiculous.

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Agreed, it’s also the same for prizes it seems no matter what level you are…a level 10 gets the same prizes as a 200…at least that’s what it looks like

They could have made it work for us, instead they making us do stuff we don’t want or need to do.Like defend unnecessarily , or revenge attacks which most of us don’t bother with, or use precious resources. It’s just another ploy to make us buy stuff.

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I was meaning the compounding level 1-10 prizes boxes

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Sorry, yea wasn’t familiar with the scaling of the 1to10 part of it but was just adding that bit of scaling to what you were saying.

Panda… I have to agree with you. The amount of resources/effort is certainly not worth the ‘prize’. I would net more by opening 10 golds chests…

You would net 1 million times more. These prizes have to be an April fool’s joke.

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The main thing will be that every single event attack will have 1 to 3 defenders. Meaning more failed attacks and waste of energy, so we have to spend 5 times the money to get points and sigils.

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