The good and the bad of this season

This season is in full swing and it’s been a pretty interesting one. What’s the main feel on the season right now? Personally I like the idea of more limited time branches combined less junk which (hopefully) means devs can make more meaningful content. This skins are a cool idea too but I’m not sure the exotic runes seem like a little to much. Maybe instead put a portrait for a mythic down there considering less portraits are being made this season.


Personally, I think this season is the worst in a long long time.

I hate the ascension idea. It makes the mythics impossible to balance for every player.

The mythics themselves are meh.

I hate they remove the legendary dragon that is at least sometimes viable. But keep the resurrection that is never viable.

I hate the recycled rider idea without releasing new riders.

For the first time it feels like the game is coming to an end, PG realise it, and are cutting costs to maximise what they can get out before the game goes bye bye.

I see more and more players leaving and a lot of those are big names.


Certainly one of the worst seasons we’ve had. The artwork is great but nearly everything has been really disappointing


  • at least for me, I liked that the electrum tower line came out much earlier than usual. Normally Im wasting time waiting for it to come out before claiming a mythic so it was nice to not have to wait. However they should have extended the rss boost to longer than 2 weeks for those that couldnt claim it right away and/or they could have increased the rss boost during the first two weeks like 40-50%.

  • The artwork was great.

  • No official cost increases for lines (not counting the 30 key mythic cost to actually complete the mythics)

  • We almost got a new Xandra. Her spell is pretty meh but it was nice to get another high rage rider since we keep getting high rage demanding dragons that dont come with enough rage to sustain themselves

That’s pretty much it

The mythics are very disappointing, even more so now with Nock’s fake buffs that didnt address any of the issues he has

The best dragon we did have was the discount and they jumped on nerfing him before most people even had him. I do think he needed it but I think they jumped the gun too early

The Ascension tokens were just totally unessissary for runes that only work on 1 dragon that wont even last very long.

The reskins could have been cool but these have just been lazy overpriced color changes. They should have been actual reskins with different designs that also could have changed the element of the dragon. Yeah redesigning the look is expensive to do but they’re also charging a lot for these reskins and they’re saving money by not putting out as many new dragons and riders.

The elements of the dragons were just stupid. We have 3 dark dragons this season, two of which are sorcerers and yet another discount fire dragon. We told them we dont like back to back element repeats on mythics when seasonal and lineage mythics matched, with Meglok and Narlyth, with Quasar and Xul and now yet again with Kinnarix and Nockmar. Obviously they dont care what we think.

This season basically felt like they took steps towards putting out unfinished/hacked up dragons that require additional spending on runes, gear and riders in order to get it to a similar quality of past dragons. Hopefully this was a one time thing and it will be abolished after this season. Otherwise I may be finding a different game to play because Im not doing this “substance sold separately” crap that other games have turned into.

Im sick of hunters being designed to be unstoppable while warriors are basically just designed to hit down or hit undefended bases.


That’s true but I’m more or less talking this sort of minimalist structure. From someone who just owns mythic warriors sometimes I appreciate not being totally endgame because dragons are more fun to fly. The dragon design and riders are a totally different discussion lol. I agree that the ascensions tokens should be changed and not affects your dragons attack. It should be a portrait, the dragon skin, and maybe like a rune as long as your guaranteed the rune from finishing the full lines required for a mythic.

I am neutral on this season. I want neither Mythic, I am not a fan of the added ascension coins; That completely made me lose interest. I’m neutral on the rider as well, nothing feels l will be stalled if I don’t get it. Wondering about the festive and hoping it will offer some fun.
Other than that, I’m just hoarding sigils until the end and then will spend them where the prizes look the best.
The skin change on Gilas was literally someone shoving the RGB value over into a different color and saving. Not my definition of a “skin” but it is pretty.

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@PGGalileo is this true ?

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This is my opinion.
Even if it is true, no way would PG state it was.
And even if it was true, Gal may not even be privy to that info anyway.

You’re not the only one feeling that, tbh.

My family is already looking for a new game to move over to, though the majority agreed to see for the next season’s structure.

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All I can say is ascension tokens/coins need to descend into the mists of history. Such huge price hikes are not welcome.


I am getting vibes the game won’t last long either… I get it’s tough to create new material and seasonal dragons were kind of a logical direction. But then no riders on atlas, no rider on event as well as no 3rd legendary, maintaining the resurrection and riders recycle (even though as I don’t see this recycling as bad). It’s a lot of signs vs the innovations: rider spell, base skin (just for the looks) and exotic gear (unneeded imo).

I do like the game even flawed as it is in some aspects, so I hope this new structure doesn’t mean what I think


After taking a break from the game and coming back in, I have had a very different perspective on this season that otherwise.

That perspective, internally, was more positive as the break helped to remind me why I like playing this particular game. Externally, the amazing wall one has to climb to get content really smacked me in the face.


  • Artwork is awesome, as always!
  • Having meaningful (lines that most players aim for and see benefit in claiming) lines earlier in the season allowed players to get their mythic earlier (potentially week 3 leaving 10 weeks of the season for them to play with it).
  • spell riders: refreshing to see innovation occurring in a battle system that is feeing stale for those who have played for years.
  • dragon skins: aesthetic content that does not drive power creep. Love it!
  • lots of +20% lines to get extra resources.


  • the way lines have been released and the +20% so frequently feels like it is designed to drum revenue. I get this is a business but it doesn’t need to be so blatant and is very hard to keep up with if you don’t have the enormous stockpiles of resources yielded from Drac chests.
  • power creep: spell riders. A spell on a rider seems innocuous enough when it is mend. Not game breaking but certainly more forgiving. What spells next? I am now waiting for the day that sand or deathgaze variants are released and the battle system is flooded with a new wave of busted dragons.
  • skill creep: the beginning of this season was very interesting to observe. I still have not flown a mythic so can only comment on observations. The mythics were released and met with mixed to negative reviews immediately. Notable members in the forums largely supported them and told people to learn how to fly better. weeks went on and the opinions didn’t change. An observation (with detail removed so can’t be misconstrued) is that successive seasons are, on average, introducing a higher and higher base skill level. Skill should be needed to take high bases of comparable tower levels and balancing is ensuring that; however, a delicate balance needs to be preserved to ensure that entry level into these mythics is not too high as to deter newer players from trying them.
  • indirect cost increase: I am not convinced of this one, personally. I see that a higher minimum skill level (previous point) may have made it seem like dragons were intentionally released underpowered and extra purchase was required to make them “viable” (this term is so subjective).
  • new resource: ascension tokens to complicate a season system that was simplified not that long ago… makes lots of sense :upside_down_face:

#SpellRiderWithElementalResist :crazy_face:



Agree. They could have made it simpler by just changing from:

Epic rune + leg rune + myth glyph


Leg rune + myth glyph + myth glyph that possibly adds to another spell

Scratch the exotic glyphs and just make their runes better. I doubt any significant amount of players use the epic rune for anything but dust.


Well, some of the WD devs even moved over to another “project” of PG, so…. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yep, there’s really no reason to have epic runes on mythics.

Hell, go the Sepulla route and make it a mythic rage + dragon boost. So many of these mythics are extremely rage hungry and need all that they can get


Rip PGLawson


I don’t like this season at all. One of the worst ones in my opinion. My biggest issue with this season in particular is that we lost the second wave dragon, and a rider, for mediocre recycled content.
They didn’t even bother to make it good, it looks like they just ran out of ideas.

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Well to be fair the wave 2 dragon is usually garbage also that they don’t bother to make good. So losing it isn’t exactly a loss.
My issue is that they’ve cut their costs by not needing to create as many dragons and riders but they didn’t do anything with that savings. Lines didn’t get better or cheaper and we really didn’t gain anything from it. They didn’t put any effort into making Somnus relevant and they really didn’t make Grogg, Tor or Kayla that relevant either. Grogg pretty much just became a Hugo clone who came out over a year ago. Tor is pretty much inferior to old atlas riders and Kayla pretty much doesnt even need to be leveled.

So it isn’t really so much that we got fewer lines but that they were really lazy this season with their changes


I agree with @PirateFish and @ZeroDucksGvn

It’s pretty depressing to see so many big names of this game call time.

A few years back we had a big exodus of players like thereddelliah, marez ad mechegg this feels quite similar with so many going.

And the players that are going are the leaders of strong teams these are big mid 600 accounts.

I hope PG invest some funds to (a) retain existing players (b) entice old ones back (c) get new ones in and give new players a way to join in the action much faster.

I honestly dont understand how anyone can be the leader of a high activity team anymore. The burden of play and the atlas political crap on top of everything else is enough to burn anyone out and drain every last bit of fun out of this game.