The good old days

I miss the old days… when I had time to fly my dragons and use it for what it was designed for, planning what the impact of the natural spells are and taking time to figure out which resists or extra spells to add to be able to defeat a base. I miss the feeling of getting a new dragon and learning to fly it – those days it took time train them and to figure out how a dragon worked. Players took the time to teach each other how fly them and you actually used a dragon after getting it breedable.

I miss attacking just for fun and stealing RSS. I miss seeing how much I could steal in one attack – I had a good record lol. I even miss receiving a mail when that player was online (good or bad) I liked it.

Nowadays you log in – and start to do your daily chores, by the time you’re done hitting 45 bases with a sorcerer for team quests you want to cut your wrists but wait there’s more…. Now you still have to do 20 attacks on the mines to get the last bit of gold (which is still not enough and hunting is impossible because you can’t see if a player have gold or not), start building 800 troops which isn’t even enough for a single attack. Then you still need hit the poachers 4 times to at least get a little bit of shards. Ok, so next quest is defending 15 times or supershot 80 times, fine when you have time left after doing the mind-numbing attacking on the first quest with a red tier dragon which you had to go dust off in the den, so you just, mind-numbingly get an alt to hit you to get it done.

Where are the events like the original Black Bloods where you could trade flying tips and discuss the spells to help you get as far as possible with the dragons you have. (Skill)

With the rapid money eager direction the game is going you don’t have time to enjoy the features in game and have fun with your team while using it, you just try to get through them as fast as possible, there’s no more skill left in the game, all dragons are just breeders by the time you get them, so no use in getting it expert or learning how to fly them, just get it breedable as fast as you can and move on.

So basically War Dragons is turning into a chore list where you have to pay to be able to keep completing them.

I really miss the good old days….


AMEN to this


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I realize PG is just trying to keep engagement high, but it has become a chore list.

Ling events coupled with quests are exhausting. They are trying to keep us engaged, but the opposite is happening.

The only way to keep players engaged is making it FUN and Affordable to play. That’s it! Simple.

Having a laundry list is not the way to go about it. Personally I have a blast playing this game in the gold levels, fun competition and lively chats make this game a joy.

I agree with everything that’s been said, however I think we shall remind ourselves:


I had this week off of the grinding, just flew my active roster in Atlas once a day, (which happened to be the worst idea ever), but I didn’t care about the event or the quests either. I couldn’t. 4.30 made the game almost unplayable for me, but that’s a different story. :wink:

My wrist doesn’t hurt. I slept more. And I feel just a little guilty… Just a little…

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Team quests can take a ton of time, thus I only do them in combination with tasks I’d do anyways… like hitting the mine for instance.

It, the game, can feel like a chore now and then indeed… if it is all you feel to it though, I’d start taking a step back to breathe.

One can contribute meaningfully without ‘maxing everything’…

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I miss those days alot

What I do is prioritize during the day.

Wake up with only ember on my roster
Do any specific ember related quests
Swap out to 4 dragons I’m training and running multis on
Do my missions while doing my first 4 gold runs of the day
I buy 800 troops with my first 4 runs that day

Go to work and when dragons are healed, swap them out and eventually have ember on my roster for easy at work missions.

On lunch or breaks do 5 or 6 more XP runs with my dragons, enough to build my second set of troops about 5.5 hours after my first set. Donate rest of gold to banks

Go back to work, natural swap out to ember doing easy missions at work and then home.

Do some more runs if I see fit that night for troop building or donating or just focus on my remaining XP runs and ember missions.

I absolutely hate the PvP grind that happens these days, but if it’s a PvP event I do my PvP runs at the same time as my troop runs with my set of raiding dragons.

I have also nearly completely given up on the team quests unless I obtain them naturally. The other items in the game are far better value on a per time spent basis I can’t be bothered.


You’re commitment is amazing. It’s starting to remind me of the sheer amount of grinding required for competitive gaming.

Edit: Except it’s backwards, you’re not playing to earn money, you’re spending to play the game
Truly we live in the future…

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I do the same essentially. Except the middle part :frowning: Just too busy the moment i get to work, so the evening is where I grind the most.

Wow. That is dedication, dude. Props to you :+1: I need to start doing something like that, lol. Problem is I always play right before bed so I’d have to spend potions healing my dragons before putting them away and replacing them with Draco :neutral_face: :t_rex:

Well it’s kinda the other way around for me. I do it to kinda maybe sorta keep up to my teammates who spend money and always surpass me.

I probably have to put in X hours per dollar saved, not sure what that figure exactly is but I don’t think I’m paying myself very much for my grinding :grin::grin:


Hahah amen to good old days. Well grinding works for ppl like me, who needs to catch up with the league/ team and while I’m a Low spender. Megas would be suitable for spenders and super for low spenders who do not want to grind. The event just passed is good concept but poorly executed. And for this event I did not want to grind at all, cos no point if surrounded by high levels and can only hit the lowest. No other choices of opponents. Just spend the weekend watching movies and do it as much as to get the team rewards

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@PurpleFire great post, thanks for putting our feelings into words, I couldn‘t agree more!


I full agree. I have never complained before. But the game atm is a an endless and boring farming nightmare.
All you have to do is farm… farm… farm … without skill, i refuse to do 45 attacks with a stupid red dragons to a stupid empty base… because it’s brainless.
I miss the old assault mini-event, or any other thing that were skill-based.
I miss the event with the progressive bar, the depredate or the inner fire with moltiplicator x and not addition +. You were encouraged to invent solutions to maximize points, now you have to spend money or endless farm.

I’m getting boring and i find myself thinking about stop playing


I honestly have to admit… me too.

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First off I totally agree with the OP. Those were the days when the game was fun.

I don’t play because it’s s fun anymore, I come to hang out with my friends when we can actually get online at the same time. I do some egg token missions, and maybe train a couple of dragons. If training and my missions can be done together then it’s a good day.

I’m not in atlas yet but from talking to friends who are and what I read here if I ever am I’m simply not investing that kind of time into it. Most of the ones I talk to hate it and think 90% of it is a waste of time.

I like the new quests, but don’t complete most of them. 180 supershots or attack 45 bases over level “x” is just to time consuming. If I’m stuck in the house due to rain sometimes I will give it a go, otherwise it’s not happening.

And I really miss the simple old events. Black bloods was easily one of the most favored events this game ever ran. And no matter how many times we have begged for it to return IN ITS ORIGINAL FORMAT we are ignored and have excuses shoved at us. The same with the old dragon leveling event (which has now become the feeding event). It was fun and easy and we loved it. But a few lower level players cried that it wasn’t fair that they couldn’t hit the top prizes after playing a few weeks like the players who were playing for years could and PG screwed it up. Instead of explaining to them that as they progressed in the game they would do better, they tried a Log 10 scoring system and then scrapped it completely for the feeding event we have now. (Note that low level players still can’t hit top prizes, their dragons don’t eat as much.)

The game moves on. Some of our ideas are listened to, most are ignored. We hang on by our fingernails praying that it will some day get better but without much hope.

Seriously? Wow Low levels only way to get better prizes is move forward, simple. Game is getting more and more boring. Haha yeah pray but not much hope.

Completely agree, boring as hell