The good the bad and WD (or ramblings of a crazy old fart)

I’ve now been playing for nearly 2 years, thanks to a so called friend who said come join it’s fun.

I drunk the coolade and got sucked in (should have flipped him the bird and kicked him in the bollocks(for those of you that don’t know this word it’s English for testicles):grin:

Well thats hindsight for you.

Cool remembered to close brackets, my English teacher would be so proud.:grin:.

Anyway I digress.

I was lucky to start in the sapphire league was very happy didn’t know how privileged I was starting so high up. I was green and eager to please my team. Worked hard was having fun, then PG announced the coming of seasonal dragons.

Fantastic something to work for. This was a good thing set your goals and go for it, or so I thought. I personally think it is impossible to reach the good stuff without digging in your pocket.(shhh I didn’t say that)

Then they announced a thing called ATLÀS,.
Sweet I thought something new.

Little did I know only the privileged will be accepted at the beginning so they can be establish to feed of all the new lower teams.

Just a quick note if you do another beta, wipe the slate clean, let everyone start on a level keel.

Then PG brought out their darkside. They revamped league’s a sad day for all teams dropping leagues. After a while it started to settle down.

Then a new thing is announced the megacoin. The pure hell of all f2p and e2p only players.

Fun times was had by all, apart from the f2p and the e2p.

Most of us drunk the megacoinaide.

I thought how bad can it get? Surely they can’t get worse.
I was wrong the brought in 2 mythics one dragon one rider.

As an e2p player who will occasionally spends my hard wonga(cash) really stands no chance you might get 2 dragons but the rest is left to the whales.

What I find impressive is that I started my ramblings over a week ago just adding a bit here and there. But when sending a team message in game It will disappear as soon as you defend or join an attack.

The ramblings have ended.

Happy hunting all.


So you’ve made one suggestion (make beta reset if there is a next time). What other constructive suggestions do you have other than “scrap it”?

I do not mean to belittle your concerns at all, and I’m sure you have some ideas. I think you’re ideas on what to do would be better than “I dislike this this this and this”.

The 3 Year Player who designed the league restructure (though only half of which was used)

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Who said this was costructive?

If you read the full title @TheRedDelilah the ramblings of a crazy old fart. Says it all.

It is English humour look at this game,and also about my personal journey, and my views and in my short time how this game has changed.

I’m sorry if you can’t see the humour as I wrote it same language different styles (Eddie Murphy/Spike Milligan)

I don’t propose how PG should run the game but even you can admit Atlas has issues the way it was launched.

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Generally rants are in “Off Topic”, so I assumed this was meant to be constructive.

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