The GoT Season Premiere [SPOILERS!]


The season premiere of season 8 just finished as most of you prolly know either from the hype or what not; and I for one just watched and absolutely loved, what do you all think of the episode? Anxious to see more :joy: without to many spoilers of course but thoughts?

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Loved it :heart_eyes:


It was a nice recap/setup episode. I was more interested in the “next on game of thrones” part.

Spoiler Alert

Game of Thrones sucks, now come and fight me :yum:


Mech I will personally fight you, how dare you. Game of Thrones is amazing.


Will take that fight offer, you are pretty short I think I can take you :yum:


Hah! The night is dark and full of terrors. You may never know what I have up my metaphorical sleeve.




I loved the episode for many reasons but the acting was great. I have probably watched all of the previous seasons from start to finish 10 times over the last year while waiting for this final season. One thing I truly appreciate now is the subtle facial expressions, mannerisms, finite details that provide more about the scene than 10 pages of dialogue ever could. They definitely chose a great scene to end the episode; the facial expression from the pusher was heart wrenching.


Jon and Arya reuniting made me cry such good acting and writing and Jon and Sam :heart_eyes:


Arya was like … if u don’t like Sansa … i’l kill u ! … My beloved brother !


The ending was expected but unexpected at the same time🙈



Waiting for an old friend…


Where are my elephants?


Okay so I’ve watched it out of curiosity… not too much happening in the plot yet, so got to wait more to see what is going to happen, but what I felt is very poor CGI compared to the previous seasons, like they were running out of time/budget/people to do it nicely and smoothly. :sweat_smile:


The big battle will be the 3rd episode :eyes: but really curious about how it’s going to go down with Jamie and the rest next episode, specially when he has to explain to them why the rest of Lannisters won’t be joining and a lot more problems he has against each one of them starting with Madkings murder to Red wedding :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I think it is the same but to me it seemed like there was more CGI than normal, which in turn gives you more time to differentiate the CGI from the normal.


The riding scene through the canyon was a bit too much IMO

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Updated the thread title because the night is dark and full of spoilers. It’s been more than 3 days since the episode aired so I think we’re in the clear to discuss without fear of spoilers. :slight_smile:


You think Arya’s weapon is dragon glass to shoot down the NK’s dragon? (The drawing she gave to Gendry at the end).

I paused and it clearly says “dragon glass”. So looks like a projectile similar to the one the Lannisters made and shot

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