The Great Contest Ver. 2.0

Some of you may not have been here when The Great Contest first ran. It was a global competition which rewarded teams with a custom avatar for their efforts. Such as The Dreadnought avatar amongst others. (We won’t talk about the LethalSquad one) I know it was a lot of effort involved with artists and such but it would be great to do something like that again and incorporating all the new things such as Atlas into it. Any chance for a multi phase event culminating in a special reward?

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Would love this. I joined Dragongasm the month after the Great Contest and was so sad I missed out on the portrait.

We floated this briefly in the recent World War proposal. It was a bit too early on in the process to commit to yet, but we’ve been taking smaller sections of that proposal and working through them more thoroughly with the player base. I’m optimistic that we’ll be able to run a competition for these kinds of awards again.


I say let’s do I see so many cool avatars and stuff from the last one and I never got to participate I hope you guys go through with this I’m ready

Also a reminder that this was based on GLOBAL rankings so it’s not just a D1 thing.

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How did it work?

always interested in a new game to break the monotony

Great suggestion @Lx460

How does it work?

This should be in the main game

Atlas is the main game

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If I remember correctly, teams get a cumulative points score over several events (during a whole season let’s say), the top x teams over the season get special prizes (custom avatars etc).

Thank you for replying, had zero clue what this entailed. Someone said it isn’t limited to diamond 1, but isn’t it pretty much going to be diamond 1 (which is fine, I mean they deserve it).

Most likely, but I guess PG can add prizes for each league tier, diamond, sapphire, plat, gold.

League prizes would make the contest less great. There are a TON of teams sandbagging it in lower league’s who would wipe the floors with their opponents without a second glance, they don’t deserve the top ranked prizes for doing this IMO


Yes. Special prizes to whatever team ends up in first :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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hahahaha, like there’d be a team in first besides yours? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That’s the fun of it. We won’t know until we do it :hugs:


Yeah, the LS avatar is “unique” LX… :rofl::joy::rofl: