The Great Glory Heist

Warning : Wall of text incoming!

Hey guys - for comparison I consider Diamond “highly competitive” , upper Sapphire “competitive”, lower Sapphire “competitive/casual” and Platinum “casual”

For most of my time in WD I have played in D1-S2 anyway last season I decided to take a break, play more casual for fun in my dads team to focus on some projects.

I just wanted to compare my experience playing S1 vs playing P1 in atlas.

S1 Experience APR 50-100

In S1 we had some big enemies often fighting top 10 TAs - atlas was very active both defensively and offensively.

On the defence side it was common to wake up with most prims dead everyday and with 70% revive penalty it meant I struggled to maintain 200k troops.

Heck when DomOm was hitting us I got down to 50k troops and seriously thought about quitting.

Often top tier teams would run attackers with back up so my troops were punished and my glory was low given lots of hits were from mini (1k-2k loaded siegers)

Offensively was also busy. I had to hit L580+ for max glory and often my targets were L650-700. These types of bases are always defended usually double but sometimes triple defended. It meant some hits I would land perfectly and some hits I would splat which can give up and down glory.

If you hit a castle then you can expect retaliation. Sometimes 24 hour retaliation 7 days a week even on public holidays.

I could literally farm for 3-4 hours with 1k-2k snipes to get 100k glory.

My point? I had to earn just about every point of glory. No free lunch.

As an officer I also had to watch castles for 3-6hours every night. I was exhausted and burnt out.

The P1 experience APR 300-350

Completely different world. Some L500s are max glory to me. Just about everyone is worth at least 50% glory even like L200s.

It’s pretty rare my prims get hit even though at L650 I am max glory to everyone in the game.

I can attack almost any similar APR team and bubble it solo. No one shows up to defend. No one does anything people let the castle bubble. I can earn 100k glory in 10 hits no problem in 35-40 minutes.

Funny thing is if someone does defend they usually hit me with a 20k loaded trapper and they give me 5k+ glory for 1k loss on my side.

This glory hunt event I got 850k kills on day one with basically no effort and minimal time spent.

And my troops? Well including hospital with 400k in there at the moment I now have 1.15mm troops. They are going up. Most fights my revives are 90%.

I don’t need to watch castles. No one cares if castles bubble in low leagues. No one wants the castles so they won’t get conquered.


Players competing for glory in high APR teams are working way too hard for the glory they earn.

There is literally no point maintaining high APR. The effort per point of glory earned is ridiculous.

I was thinking of returning to S1 or D2 next season but why bother? If my objective is to have fun after work and maximise my season then its more efficient to sand bag.

I can finish atlas season in half the time. I don’t need to watch castles for hours. And my troops go up only.

I can auto fly my opponents bases for max glory while typing here on the forums.

I thought going down leagues would wreck my glory season but its improved my season 10x. Sandbagging is rewarded and encouraged.


Honestly I think higher APR teams should be rewarded with extra glory to recognise the extra effort required. High APR players are getting shafted in the great glory heist and they don’t even know it!

APR isnt the best metric but I honestly believe there should be glory bonus for high APR teams to recognise greater effort. Greater effort in the fights. ( cant auto fly 3D bases ) greater effort in watching castles. Greater effort in defence. Smaller micro hits of 1-2k siegers. And in the high leagues no chance you can sit on a castle with 50k troops and zero it down without someone enfeebling you, trapping you and then krelos nuking that fat prim!

As Deadpool would say high APR is “MAXIMUM EFFORT”

Why put in maximum effort when you can get double the outcome with minimum effort?


Oh explains why I do not see you in rankings.I followed your tip and aim for rank 180-199 during events since 75-100 rank gives the same event point for across rank 75-200.

Hope your project went well.

I like being in plat too.hahahaha.


Now add all teams that fake their apr by taking in low level( alts). I can tell you out experience it makes a lot change.
Taking 1 or 2 players way below your real Team Power makes you drop 100s of ranks…


Well since I still want to recruit you:

At lower APR teams it is so much easier to get kills. The competition is easier, there’s easier guards you can hit, and I had a friend get 1M kills in a night easily just hitting guards while he was on a small team. It is ridiculously easy at that APR.

However I should also ask how your raids go. We can often get like 15 people to go raiding, this is a group of friends and it’s a ton of fun. When you go to smaller APR teams you lack the ability of have fun raiding with groups like this.

These 2 points basically end up making you ask if you’d rather go raiding with a group like you can on bigger teams. It’s more competitive, more hands on, and has slightly better rewards. Compare that to being able to be on a smaller team where it is much easier as a single large player. You can easily build troops, glory is easy to get, kills are easy to earn as a single player. Personally I love having a larger active team, even when it is harder in a lot of ways, because that’s more fun to me. If you rather the alternative, that’s also a perfectly acceptable way to play.

Every player is different, so knowing what you prefer helps. This is my glory for the season, I definitely tend to prefer raiding with a group than just yoloing and bubbling things on my own lol

Also just wanted to say, but if I get 2x glory for being in a higher ranked team (just an example) it would be a lot easier to swap or Krelos rank 200 team guards. That’s why stuff like 2x glory failed.

I do definitely agree though that the difference in targets and glory between different size teams is crazy, don’t get me wrong. Sorry if this turned out to be a longer post than I expected :see_no_evil:


so low apr team are best to level up prims :drooling_face:


Pg made clear with latest updates they love sandbags and Holding back.


I don’t know which Wardragons version you’re playing. There’s no way a L200 is 50% glory for you L650

I have played in platinum teams for many seasons and even more seasons in D1 teams

Sure, atlas glory hunting is way easier but you’re also missing the egg tokens that your counterpart D1 players are enjoying
Auto run on krelos and Aerow make you lazy. It won’t be as easy to hit D1 bases being in platinum teams as you will lose that reflexes to fly in D1 maxed defended bases.

Hell NO.
Again, I don’t know which D1 league you were playing. Tough as it is, if you are capable enough, getting glory isn’t that difficult
If you are struggling, join the army of swappers! Don’t suggest anything that us beyond blasphemy :woman_facepalming:t2: :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

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Seems you don’t know how glory works then lol


More like you try to spend more time reading the OP

Glory is split evenly between APR and level. If the player is worth 0% glory to you, but their team’s castle is 100% glory then they are worth 50% glory


So what’s the difference?
By playing platinum teams, his 50% looks prettier than playing at diamond teams 50%?
Read the OP about what he meant again

D1 and a level 200 is 50% glory? Sorry stop trolling lmfao


I don’t do swaps. Not really interested losing 30% troops per hit.

I have maxed my glory every season. In D2, S2 and P1 no problem.

All I’m saying is that competitive players are working 2 or 3x harder for their glory when compared to players sandbagging in P1.

I just don’t think the system should work this way. People competing at the top should be rewarded for effort.

Like I said I can spend 30-40 minutes with zero risk and earn 100k glory just sitting on the same castle because no one will show up. ( my trapper vs low def prims or CG )

Unlike D2/S1 where to be efficient im sniping with 1-3k troops to play it safe, reduce my risk. The same glory takes 3 hours.

I just find it crazy that the top players in the game are working way harder than the bottom players for less glory.

I still get opportunities to hit the top bases if I want on global defence channels. Just yesterday I was hitting D1 teams that were trying to take a castle from an S3 team.

When PG release dragons like Zahhak, Barbend, Amuruhk, Avernic and Krygant well skill is no longer mandatory. Blind Freddy can drop 3D bases with any of those ridiculous dragons.

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Next season ill look to return to top #100 :smiley:

You are doing awesome Paskinel!! I miss the update thread it was great to get the perspective of a relentless grinder! You and PGMatt are machines :muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Possible if their team APRs are very similar.

So by rewarding D1 teams with extra glory, But We Are Swappers army gets twice the swap benefits and 90% revive, good idea.


Not D1 necessarily, just top APR. There are some D teams who pop a few low level alts in their team to bring their APR down to around 100 to make mid/low Saph teams easy picking for decent glory

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Valid points I’m honestly not sure how it could be implemented without abuse.

Maybe the simplest method is just to make it so that a level 650 player like me can’t feed on L200-550s for 50% - 100% glory.

But anyway the current system has some serious flaws that don’t reward effort as it should.

Its just wild to me that as a 650 I can spend 3-4 hours farming 100k glory in S3-D2 or I can spend 40 minutes in P1 with no risk to get 100k glory.

Thats rewarding sandbagging. There should be an incentive to not sandbag or a punishment for doing it.

I dont like all these NML swaps either. NMLs should be converted to SZ / new areas.


That doesn’t sound like a very fun game.