The great pits! Who’s a fan?

On the topic of events, as events go, I think we’ve all established that the pits is t a favourite whatsoever and that a new and more grappling pvp event be introduced to game.
I mean, do you like the pits? Are you a fan? Do you think it’s timers abolish said event and that a new and more engaging event be put in play?


Dont comment on grammar as It’s besides the point and I’m on the move :joy:


I hate pits. I usually don’t put up any points until Friday when I start to panic that if I want to reach my sigil goals, I’m gonna have to put up points. It requires all of my willpower and motivation to get me to do it. I absolutely despise the event and get low-key depressed when it comes back around in the cycle.

Please please please get rid of it. I don’t beg for much… but… yeah… beyond over it.


All events are old and repetitive because they are short term and they supply almost 90% of your resources making them mandatory and that’s what is turning our game into a resource management loop with no actual objective besides never ending growth and grind… :man_shrugging:

It’s not just pits it’s the whole event cycle lol


Agreed, in general. But, honestly, I’d rather just have rotating Crystal Caves and Gauntlet at this point.

Temple isn’t bad every once in a WHILE, but I get bored being pulled back after putting so many rss in to make progress through the long snake of a map. :roll_eyes:

Gauntlet is ideal for me cause at least it’s every 3-ish hours and it’s quick and then you can get off the game for a break! Too many of these events require you to live on the game and grind. No thank you. Increase the inners and let’s just mega stuff! :heart_eyes::rofl:


Ut we have to start somewhere, the pits, seriously? It’s definitely time to change this particuLar event! I mean, let’s do a pol. Pg, please do a poll on pvp the pits! It’s just simply a heartache to get through… I have to motivate my entire team to show up pretty much… we want an event that’s engaging an, still have the necessary rotation for rss spendings.

Completely agree all events are means to an end to provide for the next season ad infinitum. An extension of atlas map is supposed to humour us when we are at boredom threshold with the rote of repetitive events. The pits is dire and a resource hungry event that is beyond boredom itself but we do because what else is there to do…the devil you do the devil you don’t … pg don’t take onboard anything about pvp events I’ve asked before about KOH coming back at least being added in on an infrequent basis like some of the other old events they could be added in on a random basis to make things more interesting for us the players but as no pg representative is here for any length of time they do not understand what it is to be an old timer and watch the rot set in…nor to appreciate the monotony of everything. Malik has made very salient points many times Pg have deaf ears and will continue to do so I have no faith in any new representative they will not last they do not listen or hear the players!


It’s well past time to get rid of Fight Pits, there’s really nothing good about it other than the 6hr energy resets. The prizes suck, the grind is just boring, the points per attack are absurdly low and I dont feel like Im getting anything for my resources and time. An no, bringing back Capture the Flag is not a better alternative, CtF sucked just as much and was basically the same event but without arenas.
Id rather do a couple extra gauntlets in a season if it meant getting rid of FP. Make a new KotH on more stable code (but ditch the barricades in chests)

Disagree on this. The event cycle isn’t bad in itself, it is that we dont get any new events so obviously they become stale. Even after all these years I still find Gauntlet enjoyable, though it could do with some more adjustments. Breeding and Fort need mini events running alongside them every time. They also need to do something to bring wars back and make them worthwhile to do during minor events, that is something they’ve been ignoring for way too long.

They focus way too much on atlas and still have done nothing to improve it. The main game just gets ignored completely.


If they actually integrated the core event cycle into a long term map with a long term objective you would loose your mind ducks! :rofl:

This event cycle is a sad repetitive joke and the events themselves are to be blunt stupid and pointless they have absolutely zero meaning outside of the resources they provide they are a run and done rinse repeat short term insult to our attention span….
If they used offense as the objective you could reward attacking and actually produce real events that impact themselves throughout a season and they would actually have some kind of objective even if it’s only seasonal but to do that we would need to admit that the current event cycle is a sad obvious and pathetic attempt to supply a objective to the game in the absence of a actual objective!



I actually like it to do the events over the weekend. I would appreciate some new ones, or maybe on an irregular basis an old one. I liked kingdom wars before they added dragons to defend hexes. Maybe it would be a good idea to have 2 rounds and start a new round on a new map on Sunday. It was a pain if you had a position next to someone who was clearly stronger.I liked the ability to cut of hexes and the strategy part in it.
Back on topic. Fight pits is horrible. Rather cash in rss for sigils without having to spend time on it!

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Yes the event cycle is the only source of engagement :man_shrugging:
It’s better than holding our di………….:rofl:

The map has no real objective outside stagnation so that leaves the short term cookie cutter flat @ss boring events on the map and the short term repetitive resource loop we call the event cycle that has us chained to our burden of play.
When they could actually just rework the map and reward activity and attacking! :man_shrugging:

Ahhh yes and we wouldn’t need this detrimental loop and the crappy escalating content they use to supply a laughable “long term” objective!

A false objective that I had almost met before beta ended :rofl::+1: so much for it being long term!
Ummm nope it’s power creep at best :rofl:

With a real map we would have events that are not ran on a continuous loop because our resources would come from attacking and actual tactical play the events would be cool bonuses ran less frequently but with more depth and less dependency.

So the events would have time to be made viable and be balanced and tested :scream:

More importantly they would be fun……


I actually like pits. I’m not the best flyer and pits is perfect for testing different things. As long as I keep trying different dragons and base layouts the event is fun. If I just try to grind points it gets boring really fast.

I like pg to change out one event with one of your suggestions Malik. I think if they can pull it off it would be a nice proof of concept for how they can improve the game and players engagement.


Happy to help build out a actual long term map based event and if done correctly it will quickly be championed for as a replacement for that mess we call atlas :rofl:

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From the concept, I hate gauntlet more than anything.

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The thing I hate the most about pits is the stealable points. It doesn’t matter how much effort your team puts in, if your team gets targeted by everyone else in the group you are in your teams isn’t going anywhere.

To compound this there appears to be a bug (possibly it is the use of eventual consistency for point accumulation, but it’s very hard to determine that from the UI) in which when you run attacks the stealable total goes up more than the actual total making it appear as though your attacks are actually hurting your team.

All in all, the event makes me want to walk away from the game (at least for the duration of the event).


If PG is reading, this is my opinion and I hope it is useful information.

Personally, I like pits because it only requires about an hour of attention every 6 hours.

Crystal Caves has the easiest points, depending on your dragons, riders, and gear - and what league your team is in. The downfalls are: it’s a grind every 3 hours and it has the highest refunds. I wish it was more like Guantlet on the PvE islands, where the attacks and personal points still count after the island is finished - let attacks and personal points count after the crystal is destroyed. Still competing against your teammates for points - that sucks! Yes, until the purple and grey crystals come out, but what fun are they? If you are a competitive person, it is way more fun racing against the other team to finish the green, red, and blue ones.

I love temple for my teammates, who are really low on resources - it is the easiest event to get 8/8 team prize, and especially since the added raid feature.

Guantlet was improved with the shortened respawn rate and increased HP. The PvP island every 3.1 hrs, can be a grind, but only for 1 - 5 minutes :star_struck:

I know Kingdom Wars was an event that lots of people in forums hated, I personally loved it until the added defender dragons - it ruined the event. I would love to see it back once a season.

I don’t know what the answer is for event cycles, but I am getting bored with them. The only reason I participate is for the team. I’m not sure if adding another event into the rotation would help and then throw in a KW event once a season :woman_shrugging:

You have lots of skeptics on here providing advice, have you recently reviewed the feedback the original “Elders” of the game gave in 2018 -19? If not, you will probably see a lot of the core issues haven’t changed.

What has changed is forums. It used to feel more like a community, where players generally wanted to help one another. Now I see tons of snide comments and belittlement. I’m not sure what purpose this serves, except to make the belittler feel better about themself?

The major improvement I have seen recently is PG employees being more involved. I’m not sure if they were always involved, but now I am starting to see them be vocal and sharing their own frustrations with the game. I see this as a positive step in the right direction, as they play it, they can better understand the frustrations of the players and see how their work impacts the community directly. It also shows them how much time and energy players have to put in to maintain the status quo of the game. Hopefully this will help to improve this game!

Clearly, we all care about the game or we wouldn’t be on forums and definitely wouldn’t take the time to write a post.


Noooooo :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Why don’t you like CC, Miss Moon? :blush:

Honestly, I just like that you can super without using any inners the entire event and still come out with a high score. Beyond that-- I couldn’t care less about the event! :rofl::joy:I’m such a lazy player!

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Personally I get burnt out on CC really early. I preferred it when there were fewer, longer rounds. The bonus points are nice but it feels like by the time you burn through energy in one round the next one is starting.
I’d really like to see 5 x20 multies instead of 10 x10s. Bombs also need to go away if no one clears them in a certain amount of time. Nothing more annoying than having 2 invoker bombs sitting there that no one wants to/can hit.