The Harbinger Dragons have Descended!


The mythic gets all of his spells at level 1 doesn’t he?


Can we get a confirmation on cost too please ! :hugs:


Yes, Destar will get all his spells at Level 1


Bloodfury - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
​Dragon gives 3 rage and destroying a tower heals the Dragon for a percentage of the damage done. While the spell is active, Dragon’s rage generation is slowed by 90% for the duration of the spell. 4 second duration and 4 second cooldown.
Learned at Level 10

% please


I think its 5% if we based it from one of those who posted their ability information.


That seeker shot just sounds like a tweaked thunderstorm.
Changeable resist sounds awesome tho


Unless you cant control it, but i guess may operate like steal essence…also 50% of overall health is not bad at all…concentrated barrage of “shoulda had a red mage” lol


How is it like steal essence?


Please give us an update on cost @pgcrisis


I would imagine it changes when hit by a certain tower or when killing a certain tower.(adaptive resist) talking about that and seeker shots.


They look amazing…And here I sit…Stuck behind my Sapphire wall…


I’m peering over the sapphire wall, but can’t see anything past that garnet one right behind it.



Slowly but surely approaching that sapphire wall. Any plans that could help players stuck on sapphire-emerald or same old? In platinum you can get 4 legendaries for the price of one in sapphire. That’s insanity. Scaling much?
insert true one and his scaling propositions 2.0 for the millionth time


2 Seconds!


It the cycle order locked - e.g. to get from lightning to fire turret you need 4 secs, or can you click quickly within a short period of time to get what you want before it locks?


Agree. Is there an update to league rollouts?


Cool, but to bad I spent loads of cash getting neptus… he is already absolite and no point in developing whit these new stronger dragons.


Omg Crisis!! You do see me!!:scream::scream::scream::joy::joy:


Neptus should get a harbinger stone