The Harbinger Dragons have Descended!


Yes it should get this stone


Neptus will get a harbinger stone.


I hoped so, but Nice to get it confirmed


It is allready confirmed.

You can rewatch the facebook stream, which was 5min ago.
The harbinger stone for neptus will be available next event on the 24th.


Oops sorry thought you were talking about the seeker spell for some reason my bad


Ah, thank you, i looked everywhere(few paragraphs) and couldnt find it. So a free bar of rage every 8seconds? Lol


875 fragments on the legendary (Shezard) I’m breeding now.

Looks to be the same across the legendaries. I can’t breed the other legendary I need to know what the mythic needs, but assuming the same ratio it would be 1375 (assuming 25% increase from 1100 for obsidian mythic)

At just under 205 tokens per fragment I bred Shezard (Girasol + Wraith) for just shy of 180k


Will the Season legendaries (e.g., Avyx) be getting stones to evolve to Harbinger tier level? @PGCrisis


Thunder I am sorry, the answer is no. Only NEPTUS will get the evolve stone up to harbinger Tier. It will be available next Event on 24th.


Estril was about the same I think… should’ve counted, but was at work. Are their stats posted anywhere… estril started at 97m AP I believe… not sure of the HP and DPS and dying to know the caps.


I have screenshots of level 1 with and without boosts. Of corse research impacts the numbers

Shezard was 87M unboosted and 147M boosted. Performance was not on par. Hitting baseline bases his effectiveness at level 1 was less than dragons I’ve had in the 25m-40m range, level 2 spell is pretty epic though.

Unboosted Damage/sec is 1.84M
Unboosted Health is 16.2m


I just want to say… PG I hate you. I’m done spending. This tier is BS.


Not to mention the ridiculous level requirements to expert them…


Yup. Crazy!! 3 years and 10k later and I feel further behind than ever. Screw this


As if the 18 new levels of storage each unlocking a paltry increase isn’t enough of a kick in the teeth, the den cap requirements mean you need to be level 400 to expert the mythics (and I think 375 for the legendaries).

The harbinger seems to be more and more gross monetization practices imo.


One of the things I usually tell teammates is ‘research rules’…definitely added a bit here…


Agreed. Here is my boosted and unboosted and my research isn’t terrible (but not maxed)

EDIT - I Skiped over 2 sorcerer researches in favor of hunter research in green tier, which is probably where that comes from mostly.


Makes sense…I have the sapphire hunter boost, but not the sorcerer yet…which is why estril was a little higher


Yall complain a lot over a brand new tier, instead just um…dont spend so much? I think the spells are cool and seems to me they are trying to make the spells better rather than just keep adding tons of attack and hp…correction, i must of misread the complaining, cause damn the stats look good lol


Ap means nothing though :confused: just the attack and hp stat with all spells/ resists and class. Lol