The Harbinger Dragons have Descended!


Yeah considering I have multiple obsidian and emerald dragons that at 20m boosted could take out with ease what this new dragon struggles with at level 1.


Because at lvl 1 there are no spells and at lower tiers you have spells… at lvl 1 it’s bascially using a sorcerer as a tank. Not a fair comparison. Any tank can drop with just being… a tank.


Unless you are saying that the attack power counts spells that are locked as part of its power rating, it’s just a poor measurement that becomes less and less useful as it is bloated by spells and research and riders and buffs


Dont even look at it dude, get it out ur head its an illusion, distraction.


for those considering these dragons… you will save ALOT of money if you just smash your phone against the wall now…


You have an impressive way with words. :hushed:



When will PG start to issue new runes for the new spells? Or even start putting out runes for old spells still being used on new dragons like cloak? @PGCrisis ? Right now I have to equip runes for their secondary powers… or will PG be putting out high tier dragons with evasion and battle cry? Like many of us, I have a couple mythic runes that are only good for dust.


Who cares this game is about to fall apart anyways.


:puts Zenyatta face on: its gametime. @MikesGoN2GetU


Wanted to write a hole story about this but im letting it be by just 5 words:



Sounds like a Haiku :joy:


Hmmmmmmm? :thinking:


Is there a post anywhere with the details of requirements for Harbingers ?:

  1. Den level for each dragon level (and min level for den upgrades)
  2. XP / level
  3. Castle incubator

Amoeba has been slow to update his site with the last few additions and one day, I fear that update will never come.



Btw that day has already come.amoeba was nice enough to even update with fall 2017 dragons after he stopped playing game. So updates are not coming to amoebastudios site in forseeable future.


Remember the double blast they replaced with new runes? I hardly see them working and there is nothing on screen to tell me in words that double blast is being activated like when spells are normally used will. Many people seem to give up and so they also don’t care now.


Honestly double blast is the trick a magician keeps ur eyes on while the spell specific buff itself(exshield buff) is where the true magic happens…js. but ironically double blast should show you to ur face its working.


mine works but even on an expert tarand it’s pretty useless. Typically doubles when I have already killed everything and the shield doesn’t survive enough damage to make it a viable dragon beyond supporting lower level xp runs or a long, poorly designed base


Is the remainder of the tier being released during next breeding event?