The Harrowing Chill of the Duskfall Season Approaches!


Aye, I could see that and cursed myself for the dumb mistake until later I did the same thing and that time it worked, and it chained the towers again while dealing more damage. So Sylphen is just really buggy no matter how you hash it.


what do you expect from a team that didn’t actually play test? cavaleris shield also isn’t working as advertised since stun from dark flak and trebuchet scores although the description indicates otherwise.


Secondary effects cannot be blocked.


nice to know. perhaps they should communicate that. though I wonder why that is - northern lights and invincibility block everything and arcane aegis is basically (functionality wise) a white invincibility with added rage gain functionality. why wouldn’t it block secondary effects?


Probably so it’s a somewhat balanced spell, it does only cost one rage


I believe those shields don’t block secondary effects either.


they do, I have fae and zamrok along others. the only things that hurts their shields are cannon supershots (and blue mages, but let’s assume they’re not there like in invader for example). no other effect works on the dragons when the shield is activated (and the cannon super my destroys the shield and didn’t affect the dragon obviously).

could we maybe get an official statement as to whether it is intended that the sun effect bypasses arcane aegis?


So invincibility shield stops the dark flak stun? I’m surprised but I don’t fly dragons with that shield so dunno for sure.


yes, both invincibility and northern lights in both variants


It is intended to only block incoming damage, as specified in the description of the spell. I think it was communicated perfectly clearly if you read the description and think about it.


Good for you that it was clear, for me it wasn’t, given that the description for the aforementioned spells is quite similar yet the dragons aren’t affected by secondaries :wink:


I thought stun penetrated all shields even elemental bubble and barrier. Just mitigates the damage but still prevents firing.

At least that’s my experience.



Same, I think. I will have to double check with something though. If it is a spell like wind wall that specifically says it blocks the projectile it doesn’t happen. If it is a shield that blocks the damage it does not block secondary effect. Poison gets weird with it though


Stun permeates elemental barrier/bubble, stoneskin, and noc fissure(?) spells. It does not permeate through invince shield and NL (invince variants).

Cav’s spell is not invince, so it’s going to get stunned.


nocturnal fissure also absorbs stun, at least in the white version on apophet, I Haven’t tested the blue version with stun.

shouldn’t however poison at least not get through? it is damage (over time) after all?


The poison debuff will get through, but not the damage while the shield is active.


Any update on this? @Arelyna


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