The hell is this lmao

Pun completely intended btw

Take a gander at the attack power lol is this some sort of visual glitch or something else :thinking:

Checked back a few hours later and it’s STILL like that

Better watch him that’s a candidate for being lv 400 next week @pgjared

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I’m calling it now. Complete hacker. No effing way that’s legit.


They might have had a really busy training event!


You need maxed obsidians to crack the B mark, so having that as a 200 means he’s either cheating or it’s a visual thing (unlikely since it would have cleared up by now)

Its visual glitch, i saw level 100 player with 1.15B power for alomst 5 days. It reset after that.
I am 99.99% sure its just a visual glitch from playing multiple accounts on same device.

Alright just wanted to bring some attention to be safe incase it’s malicious and not a visual thing

Just throwing in my lot for the visual glitch crowd. Sage cannot even level to obsidian, and I didn’t think Drakius or Kin could either.

Drakius can hit obsidian but yeah it could be like a visual error I guess

Drakius’ last stone is Emerald. I’m a screenshot freak :joy:

Only Muk… I mean Merkt could get to Obsidian.

Sage and Kinnarus are Emerald too.

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