The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


The Lunar New Year Dragon, Kirin, flies into battle this week!


This week is particularly special since Valentine's Day is tomorrow (<3) and the Lunar New Year begins on Friday. There's plenty of things to celebrate this year: love, fortune, and victory are among them! The 2018 Lunar New Year Dragon, Kirin, brings good tidings and warms the hearts of many Dragon Lords with its pink hue and angelic wings. Flying with this Dragon is sure to bring you success in the New Year.


Kirin will be flying into War Dragons on Valentine's Day, along with a special gift from our team to you. Check your accounts tomorrow for this gift and the arrival of the Herald of Fortune!




The Herald of Fortune


“Brings bountiful tidings wherever it goes.”



Even a world filled with Dragons has its share of mythical creatures. Many a tavern tale are told about one such beast: Kirin, the Herald of Fortune. It is said that catching a mere glimpse of Kirin’s resplendent, rose-hued horn will bring one great fortune for the year to come, be it a bountiful harvest, a fulfilling romantic endeavor, or anything in between.


Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Wind




  • Mystic Winds
    • Active | White | 2 Rage | 4.5 Second Duration
    • White version of Windwall that blocks projectiles and mage super shots.
  • War Cry
    • Active | White | 2 Rage | 4 Second Cooldown
    • A cheaper Battlecry for better stackable use. Increases attack by 10%.
  • Ice Turret Resist
    • Passive
    • Reduce damage taken from Ice Turrets by 70%.
  • Fire Flak Resist
    • Passive
    • Reduce damage taken from Fire Flak Towers by 70%.



How can I get Kirin, the Herald of Fortune?

Kirin can be obtained through its own branch in the Wintertide Season tab. You will need Wintertide Sigils to claim its prizes in the branch.


Will Kirin evolve?

Yes! Kirin will begin in the Red Tier and can evolve through the Obsidian Tier as long as you've claimed the evolution stones in its Season branch.


It's late in the Wintertide Season, can you help me get the Herald of Fortune?

We got you! Kirin's entire Season branch will be discounted by 50% during the Breeding Event happening from February 14th to 20th. You'll have a full week to get this Dragon for 50% off! Kirin will contiue be available until the end of the Wintertide Season.



Ready to welcome the Herald of Fortune into your Dragon's Den? Let us know what you think of the newest Dragon, Kirin!


May good tidings and great victories fly your way!


Valentine’s Day drag!
Post your favorite grumpy poster 🤭
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10% does it do its job?

Why would you guys introduce a new dragon when PG stated the rider Tor was the last to come? @PGCrisis

edit: And take the place of this specific dragon…


Here you go


Good looking dragon (aesthetics wise) but a bit annoyed with the fact you guys said in livestreams that there would be no other dragons.


I don’t understand the animosity towards more dragons. You’re not forced to acquire it. I’m probably going to keep working on Kayla instead of getting this.


Why the last minute dragon??

Sigils already spent since I thought Tor was last.


Well if we knew another dragon was coming we could have saved up sigils and made the most of the half price. As it is, Tor was released and the understanding was, this is it for the season, so people made their choice and spent their sigils. Surprise surprise now you’ll be required to spend money if you want this dragon. Moving on.


The animosity isn’t towards the dragon, it is towards not keeping their word. They want to build trust back, going as far as putting together a game testing faction, which i am 100% for. Then they blind side us with this. As of last week everyone thought Tor was the last thing to come. Safe to say at that point everyone used their sigils or made a decision, I say used. Now someone who has been waiting all season to finds out the week after using their sigils find out there is another option and in fact, the following week another dragon offered and 50% off but only for 1 week. This is the problem atleast for me!


Not so much the dragon. More of an issue with the lie.


And since the War Cry is a third of the strength of battle cry shouldn’t it cost a third of the rage?


Because they specifically lied to their players and mislead them knowing full well that by this point most players would have spent their sigils and would need to either dip into their resource savings or buy rubies if they wanted to get this. The players should be able to trust what they are being told. It’s already bad enough that support lies to us and gives us the wrong information but now the actual development team is blatantly doing it just in an attempt to make more $$$. If theyd have just said “there will be another dragon coming out near the end of the season at some point” then there would be zero issues. But they SPECIFICALLY said there would be no 6th dragon and that info is what people used to make their decisions for how to allocate their resources.

That is a very big problem for a company to do to its players


This is the most blatant money grab for PG yet.


OMG did you put this video together :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I can’t stop laughing. The song at the end :joy::joy::joy: I needed a good laugh thank you :kissing_heart:

Look I’m not one to start off with negativity. I just want to know what prompted this change of heart and why not hint towards it last week so people could have made an informative decision. I understand things change!


Hey all I understand everyone’s frustration but this dragon is not a game changer. It’s just another warrior which is designed to help mostly low players who like to have an affordable dragon. It’s ok I think to have it and it was planned to be a Valentine‘s surprise.

Was the timing shitty? Of course. Is this dragon a must have? Of course not.

However if you’re too far away from finishing your dragon or if you already finished what you need you’ll get some discounted goodies for a very low price which isn’t too bad either.

Maybe PG provides something cool to support us we will see.

But for now I think it’s best to wait and see and get as many free or discounted stuff as we can. :star_struck:


[quote=“Aphrodite32, post:8, topic:33256”]
Now someone who has been waiting all season to finds out the week after using their sigils find out there is another option
[/quote]Feeling very let down by the PG team. Took a lot of patience to wait til Feb to spend sigils. As soon as I did, another discounted dragon was announced. How do we know what to believe when the next season starts? Please be up front and honest, PG.


Yeah I edited it. I like memes. Thanks :blush:

PG blatantly lied but oh well. It’s a shame since if we had known we could have taken advantage of the discounted prizes. The dragon isn’t game changing but for people who don’t spend much or at all waiting for all branches to be released and making an informed decision is important.



Please look for gylphes from its path which will be useful for its spellset… Like warcry increasing damage, or idk mystic winds increase duraction… or both legendary - mythic.
Resists are in my opinion not as good as that spells, because opponents can be different , but dragon is same.

About Kirin…
Its a 50% sale dragon… nice 2 white spells, 2 nice resists, not very strong, not too weak … just a mid class warrior probably for fun, where you could enjoy the stacking of war cry.

Sale means much items for half prize too… and thats why i think its worth to get that dragon :slight_smile:


I for example knew that a second rider will appear and safed sigils, and told to safe sigils my friends.
Sadly this one wasnt sale, but because of that i had sigils back and before i could use them this sale action during this new event came.

Anyway during 1 event you will be able to win 2-3k sigils, and that is even enough for first page.
So the best thing are the items and breed stuff for half sigils anyway.

Sigils are like other items during seasons… For fortification you safe timers until of good use, for breeding eggtokens until good use, and with sigils its actually same… You should safe them after a time when you have a good use from . :slight_smile:
I believe you can get after this even good prizes with effort !


It’s the constant increase in cost.

For cheap and free play players they had a half off that they were led to believe would not exist so they won’t have sigils for it.

For spenders they make it so randomly anything could be necessary to have with no opportunity to get again, so they basically try to corner you into buying the whole season. This not only was said it would not exist multiple times, but it increases from last season the total cost. What’s more is they limited its half off to just this event. Likely preventing sigil chests for being available at the time it’s half off. So likely it means an additional 25k sigils needed.

For those keeping track it’s 3 regular, 2 riders, 1 mythic, and 2 optional. Full price that’s about 181k in sigils which is is not only a net increase but it’s a net increase with multiple disliked dragons. And now this dragon which probably will be a huge disappointment you have to decide if you want to exceed your budget and spend on it or if you want to hope it doesn’t have some must have niche.

Of corse you can evaluate the spells for yourself. The behavior suggests they think each season they can extract an additional 25k sigils from the previous season. A clear intent to increase profits which is likely to have a long term effect of the exact opposite (with somemshort term revenue)

It’s basically extortion for anyone who might be able to make it happen. This is the kind of behavior that leads to a game losing its customers rather than increasing them. (Which is far more profitable). And remember the free play folks are key to the enjoyment of the big spenders through trickle up “competition”.

I’m not super impressed by this. It would be different if the dragon was half off through the end of the season or was much less than 25k sigils at full price. But this is the same behavior that all other mobile games do that eventually drives away their players.


Really funny looking dragon :heart_eyes:. I might not get it but it will be cool for lower levels.