The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


No one pays attention do they?

First, that warrior is 10 levels shy of capped. The 30% boosts put it 17,632 damage, and 73,344.5 health above where it should be. So not a boosted dragon.

Second, the first dragon won with the second as a cleaner.


Look, if you like to fly it and have success with it then it is a good dragon for you. I just bred Kaiju this event, going to crank up the Pacific Rim theme and fly the crap out of it. Is it the best dragon out there? I could not care less, thing looks fun.


They actually did this. V-Day gift was more than enough sigils to get Kirin for free with sigils left over.


sorry, but what v-day gift? the option to buy 520 sigils for 5 Dollars for your teammates? becuse that’s all I ever saw and to my knowledge, that’s not free


There was a free 520 sigil gift that was likely covered by all the teammate bought a pack rewards, though I’m not entirely sure that I saw one on my small account.


huh. ok maybe, but to call that “more than enough to get Kirin for free with sigils left over” (quoting @BloodAngl ) seems a little…how to put this…exaggerating :wink:


Actually technically it’s not. With discount cost 200 sigils


am I missing something? You referring to just the egg? without any stones? that’s gonna get you far. yeah then it was enough :rofl:


I never said it would get you far…am I missing something?


no not really, I just understand “getting a dragon” as in being able to use him, of course the literal understanding is quite correct :wink: D


That’s why I said “technically”


At what stone does it get the pink?


It comes out pink


Damn, Kirins war cry actually does stack i just tested. Im a bit surprised ill be honest. Kirin just got more interesting to me lol


I was wondering if the mythic rune of fortuitous winds only works on Kirin or if it works on zamrok for example. I know people tried to use equestors rune on borgian and it didn’t work. So I was wondering if that is the case with this rune and all the other branch specific runes if they only work on the dragon that comes in that specific branch


just to share my two cents worth, I also got Kirin till last line. However I do not hope much for this poor thing looking at the spellset.

When it comes to war or pvp event, I rather depend on my sfew killed hauseset or skilled necryx or noctua now, to take down bases or set base for following flier.

I Guess this Kirin would be more of collection, same as leos, and I do not regret spending sigils to getting the half priced prizes, that would help me in the next event.


Yes kins rune works on Zamrock mystic wind, I put mythic on my Zam.


Yes, 200 sigils to “get” Kirin – I can’t see much use this dragon has besides being a trophy in your Den.


Where did you hear this? I thought that these runes DID work on Borgian 🤷


I don’t remember where I heard it but I heard it multiple times. Maybe it was changed? I specifically remember hearing people were upset because support I think it was told them equestors rune was sorcerer specific so it wouldn’t work on borgian