The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


Never heard it didn’t work and I’m on here A LOT. I would have heard by now.


Yup. You’re on a lot … I suspect you might have a slight War Dragons problem. :thinking:


Just a tad. My 3 step plan to cure myself:

Step 1: admit you got a problem.
Step 2: decide you don’t care
Step 3: keep on keeping on


Seriously though, kirin is a beast :facepunch:


My Kinnarus overpowers undefended long bases. I hope Kirin will be as good or better than my OP Kinnarus. :smirk:


A question. Is Kirin’s War Cry lasts until the entire raid, or just a long period like Battlecry?


It lasts the whole battle


Haha, never say kinn is OP, try it on a high level base eg 300-400 or so with high level flame, ferrets, mages and projectiles. Well if u can do it undefended, then call it OP. Cos I at 243 and I can only do 250-280 with kinn but 250-340 with my noctua, prolly is my poor flying skills? Haha :joy: added lol


His statement was dripping in sarcasm, but he should of added an /s haha
Apparently he was serious…


I don’t. Come visit? Kirin will die to storm plus flak islands, same as kinn :man_shrugging:t3:


This dragon has some great spells, however, it is very, very weak! I have it experted now so it seems strange that I only have 20% Health remaining after clearing my Atlas XP Base


It’s legendary warrior Harv with no heal… :man_shrugging:


Ahh I remember now, can’t remember who you attacked though :man_shrugging:t3:


Just did a little testwith Kirin and Kelvin. A run without Kirin Kelvin did 137630 damage per hit and with Kirin runing first and buffing 6 times the damage from kelvin was 220208 a difference of 82578 per hit (exactly 60%) so Kirin’s war call ability works fine.


Interesting i assumed it was capped, kirin just keeps getting interesting. Makes me wanna see how far it can be pushed


But its barely passing my XP Beta base with no mages, Flaks or Fire
Turrets? It has a rating 225 mil higher than Chimerak but Chimerak gets
just as far… It’s actually ranked just above Moonfang as well but Moon
has no issue passing my Xp Base


Nice Phweemp


How did that base survive the recent base audit?


Rulith recently had a base audit. @mechengg


:eyes: :popcorn: