The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


I’m still practicing with her, but she shows promise.


There were some bases that got missed in the audit guys. A few of the review members had personal life issues so we tried to cover as many as we could but some were truely indeed missed.

I’ll play catchup on a few of the more noticable and key bases shortly, but website work has me busy as well :wink:


About to do one for my team. Any advice?


google sheets
screenshot all bases
1 tab for each base
copy/paste pics into each
use a blank amoeba template (rather than the filled in one) as a better starting point:

Make sure your teammates have line to explain your reasoning and show pics


Dude you just jeopardized my bragging rights in killing a defended Rulith short base with my OP Kinnarus. :sob::sob::sob:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry!



Sorry mate no comments here. May want to try again in a few weeks when we get the next round of reviews done.