The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


I like the theme and would probably fight to get it, but then i noticed it will only go through obsidian and now I’m not sure if I will. Maybe i shoudl just save my rubys.


I am saving my sigils in case they surprise us with a bald eagle dragon for President’s Day.


White stacked war cry? Awesome! For all y’all complaining do y’all not remember Nydryr? The streams that I watched said they weren’t aware of anymore dragons, not there is no more dragons.


still not sure why people are surprised PG pulled this move. The old adage :slight_smile:

Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice Shame on Me

Holds true here, and folks shouldn’t be surprised. Its PG’s MO


to true, we should all hold our sigils until the last week of each season, only jumping on a dragon we truly want before that.


Do you see how positive you are :grin: probably because you knew it was coming and the “gift” tomorrow! We could have been positive with you if we had a hint. It’s the mistrust that continues to sway in the wrong direction. No it is not a game change dragon for me but those prizes. This season was full of crap and last week I made the decision to go with EQ even though i didn’t want to. i could have saved my sigils for this week and replace 1 crap dragon with the other and got prizes for cheaper. I thought I was making an informative decision but clearly it was not. That’s why I’m salty

I’m sorry for all of you who love EQ this is not personal . It is not my favorite.


I doubt many are surprised. It’s just disappointing.

Many of WD players came from other games which abused players at levels we have yet to see. They came to WD because the game was inherently more balanced with better value. It is disappointing to see that this game will be as temporary as the last one.


The fact that it was said there’d be no more dragons this season could be taken as faulse advertising. Trying to bully people into spending money is very bad business and will likely backfire in the long run. If this dragon is like the one reward where you have to complete all other dragon reward teirs then that is just a big piss take on your part PG. for those of us joining in the season late they will be completely screwed over and with no way of buying sigils all the players you lied to about not bringing out more dragons would have used all their sigils on other rewards, very bad form on your part PG.


They didn’t exactly lie, but did bury the information. On Arlyena’s Facebook stream last week, she said there would be a “mystery thing” you could potentially spend sigils on.

All of you are right, it is a bit of a money grab, although it’s not like the dragon will be overpowered, so you don’t have to get it


He seems like a weakened ANAPA with evolving stones . Just another crap dragon . I will get his first prize though if it is a gold chest discounted :joy::joy::joy::joy:


And this would be what, #47?
It’s not too surprising. And again, cheap prizes for anyone with spare sigils.


He’s way stronger than anapa… he can actually block damage.


Anapa’s white Superheated Breath only boosts so much each time. Stack War Cry multiple times and damage is gonna be crazy.


It’s PINK!!! I’ll buy it an keep it as a limit edition unicorn dragon , it’s valentines Day​:heart:️:raised_hands:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


I foretold this somehow, or maybe inspired. I should get this Dragon up to Obsidian for free.

Seriously, I don’t know what else to say.

Edit : actually, you could not wait for Spring to release this Dragon? I’m done with sigils for this event. I can’t believe I still have hopes in PG until something like that happens. Would have love this original Dragon in my roster…


If your going to call it a Lunar Dragon at least they could have used correct features. This is the year of the Dog and that dragon looks nothing like a dog


Welcome to PG, where what we tell you means nothing.

The ONLY thing that matters is profit. If we need more, we will add whatever we want, no matter how many times we tell you that we won’t.

Waits patiently for public announcement regarding rereleasing past divines


Wait does War Cry stack for the follower dragons? If so how many? Is it permanent :thinking:
I might get this dragon’s red stone just to increase my avyx’s talon frenzy damage lol.
Edit: I change my mind, it’s not completely useless
But seriously though…right now isn’t the best time time to make a sale…


Two white spells and good resists is trash? I guess one mans trash…


What a toolshed