The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


Is the gift the promised gift from PG for the 4.0 F up? I mean, aren’t we all still waiting on that promised item?

Did they brainwash you in that new faction? Should we call 911? Case of the body snatchers?


Let’s see what happens before we say that. I suspect with the hints being dropped left and right that something else is coming tomorrow.

Then mention a gift but I don’t think it’s the 4.0 gift. I get the feeling it’s something else based on a number of posts. Let’s see what happens before we immediately jump down people’s throats. Yeah it was sneaky. Yeah it was dishonest. But let’s see the full picture first


No lol I give them hell daily because we aren’t there where we should be… well I say what I have to say which is mostly my letter and we all prove those statements with mathematical graphs and whatnot.

I see potential in this new dragon as a simple attack buff tool for the follower. And it will be mostly free if they give us not that trashy 400 tokens and 1 gold chest gift what we all expect if we are frank.


Something coming? I don’t think so…the gift is probably x2 1m timers


I have suspicions that it ISNT the gift we are expecting. I don’t know what it is but I’ve got a feeling it’s somethinf else


Mysterious…you predicting the future? Or know PG too well? lol


Less predictions and more look at the mention of a gift. Look at very reliable and usually very critical people posting patience. Look at them saying “wait and see if something comes along to help”.

I could be wrong and reading too much into it but we will see.

While my initial impressions aren’t good of this move, I am going to wait and see what happens before I make my final view


I actually just dropped all my sigils on avyx a few days ago, don’t regret it since I wouldn’t go for this dragon anyways, but there is a very important lesson to learn from this. Don’t trust PG.


don’t forget the 23 hours in timers that will help all those lvl10 and belows do real damage on their base. We all know that apology gift should be something massive but we all expect the shitty apology gift we get everytime.

@Arelyna @PGCrisis where is our crappy apology gift already?


And when you open the free gold chest you get 25 tower boosts :joy::joy::joy:


Now this is true discounted dragon! The fireflak resist…meh Mystic winds is handy with defenders, but you use it once then get a use to get 10% more damage. If there isnt defenders you would take out 4 rage to increase 20% and pray for a mage not to hit you in case you want to “pass” to the next dragon. For lower players who may not have researched to increase rage at the beginning it gets even worse.

I badmouth Leos but comparing to this guy I now think he is awesome!

At the same time, if you knew a new discounted dragon was coming up would you wait for it or spend sigils to get goodias as to support your events? The real chaos would be if this dragon was to be better than the others, THEN I wouldn’t be happy for sure!


@PGCrisis Can part of the apology gift be a table breaking out the costs of Kirin’s full line (and noting whether costs are discounted or full priced in said table)? :smiley:


I think the selling point for this new dragons is:
We finally have a female angel riding on a pink unicorn (Kayla+Kirin). :grinning::rofl:
(But forgive me… A pink unicorn with name “Kirin” sux)


Soo…Ill try to keep this family friendly…but

Does anyone else think that Kirin’s horn looks awfully phallic?


Think that speaks for the resemblance…


Spells quite good mainly because they are white but dragon design is terribly awful lol… just sayin :man_shrugging:


Did you notice @PGCrisis immediately edited her post when you quoted that?

Edit: maybe not - time stamp says edit was made two hours ago…but it no longer says what you quoted 8 minutes ago…hrm :thinking:


Was that drag inspired by this?:joy:image


To be honest the design is pretty sweet.
The horn has nothing phallic about it unless that’s what you’re looking for :roll_eyes: and it stands apart from every drag that has come before. Rainbow flames might put it a little over the top though, guess we’ll find out tomorrow. I also think the spell set Has pretty good potential for a warrior. Maybe even bringing back a useful warrior lead…:thinking: The only negative is the timing, everyone is right about that. In a season that has had such a negative impact on the player base dropping this in when we were told no more is kinda like a kick in the tenders after you were promised no more kicks to the tenders. My tenders are tender and they need a break.


It’s still there, right under the picture.