The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


This Kirin is way cooler looking than the one they chose…just saying…


@PGCrisis I know you like Pokemon, so here’s what I thought when I saw this Kirin :


I find smashing Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year together into this dragon leaves a bad taste in my mouth. All you need is to throw uncle Sam’s hat on it and some Mardi Gras beads around its neck. :+1:


So, did Jul and Kinnarus “get together” and partake in some “herbal remedies” and this is the result?


Cool looking dragon though, despite everything else said earlier.


@UnicornMama There you go beautiful


@PGCrisis Just a question not quite related to this topic.
Is it possible to add rider to their bounded dragon when we click “view dragon” in dragon den in future? Would love to see the 3D rotation for Tor on Neptus and Kayla on Kirin.:grinning:


Are Kayla/Rider shards available in Atlas to obtain whenever or is it just gear? If so, then might not finnish kaylas first page for Kirin🤔


What you ask is will pg give away the stuff they want you to buy… doubt there is a way to complet kayla becides this event


@PGJared @PGCrisis - I would have liked to see a harbinger stone for the existing season dragons, even if at a 3000 sigils price, instead of any gift from you for screwing up the bases as you did. What do you say ? Adding the harbinger stone for the existing seasonal dragons could be a feasible option for you ?


Epic! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Please, more if this :pray:t2:


This drag would have been a nice apology gift. Give everyone a free drag for all the terror of 4.0. I know most ppl want it and can’t get it because we were told tor was it. Would be a good show of faith from pg.


I want this Dragon. But I thought the Thor was the last so I spent my sigils on him…this suxs because now I can’t get him.


Shouldnt we be greatful to pg for giving us something discounted? So nice from them!
Ha ha pg how about offering a 100$ valentines pack which gives us 50000 rune dust?


just gear


I can’t wait to shoot this thing down


Plz give me year elite as valentines gift , I’m really want that.


:joy::joy::joy: savage




:rofl: that profile though


@PGCrisis When the event will start, its 14.2 all over the world afterlall.