The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


Agree it’s 2.14.2018 start the event already.


Yeeeesssssss!!! This is exactly what I wanted! :heart_eyes::unicorn::heart:️ Except it’s a warrior…meh. And the spells are not the best :confused: AND, I spent all my sigils on Equestor because PG said Tor was the last addition of the wintertide season! :imp: Not happy about being mislead. I would really like to have this but unfortunately I am already decided on Equestor… can’t turn back now. PG has killed my soul with this one :sob: RIP unicorn :unicorn::broken_heart:


How far did you get with equestor? if this one is half price for a week, will you end up getting enough sigils to max before end of season in three weeks?


Ask PG support to change the line completly, maybe they allow it . This new dragon isnt strong, equestor is compared too.


I am only up to his platinum stone…need at least the garnet stone or he will be unusable for me. I would have finished him but I maxed the Kayla rider, egg token branch and half of Leos 🤷 Bad choices all around :joy: Except the egg token branch…it is 100% necessary


we’ve all done it… First season I stupidly went for Ebon and subsequently couldn’t get all of Nightshades evo stones and didn’t get skarr at all.

But with a name like yours, it just seems a shame not to get the unicorn.

Good luck


Next season I will save all sigils until the end. I didn’t want to have to do this though because I really depend on the season prizes to do well in events. But PG has been sneaky snakes lately :snake: :evergreen_tree::eyes::evergreen_tree: Tired of spending hard to find sigils only to be disappointed.


So I guess my question is this… At half price, consider how many other rewards you will get that will help you progress further, get more prizes (team and individual) over the next three weeks. Hoard your rubies and wait for the super sigil chests.

You don’t HAVE to decide until the day the breeding event ends so don’t do anything rash.


True :thinking:


What level are you?





Hey, you’re higher than me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m only lv190…maybe I will make better choices in the 200’s :joy: I really should know better by now :see_no_evil:


This dragon was your idea, not an idea I agreed with but your idea nonetheless. Start a petition to have PG gift it to you, I would be happy to sign it.


I remember being told there wouldn’t be a last minute dragon this season, so i spent the last if my sigils on avyx… and here we are… coulda got farther with the discount.

Guess I won’t be getting the horned bunny dragon.


Yep, they told us multiple times that there wouldnt be a 6th dragon this season, that there wouldnt be anything else after the 2nd rider was released. So most of us foolishly believed them and spent our sigils. I would still have 17k sigils if they hadnt lied to us

Appearently we need to wait until the very end of the season before spending our sigils because PG could be lying to us. That’s an awesome way to do business :expressionless:


When does it start valentine is almost over and nothing in sight


Should be around 40 min - 1hr 30min. The start times have been pretty random this season so it could also be in 38 seconds


An event is never late, nor is it early, it begins precisely when it’s meant to.


I’m not a fan. I would take back my sigils i spent on avyx (probably way better dragon) so I could be farther down the branch on kirin… rewards would be worth it… how bout you guys let us swap?


event is live, nothing about the special gift to be seen though…
and yes getting lied to sucks big time :frowning: