The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


1 rage white cry spell will make this dragon interesting.


if it was 1 rage, it could be exploited too hard, specially if it transfers to the second dragon like battle cry. Boosts of 50% + will be obtainable, if my avyx gets such a boost on top of talon frenzy I cant even imagine how dumb that would be.


So make it so only a portion would transfer to the next dragon. Say half or something, and make it so it maxes out at 50%. This would mean a max of 25% carry over for the next dragon.


This is a partial compilation of the prizes on Kirin’s line. Can someone post the full list? Thanks in advance. :corn:


Are you volunteering?



You are forgetting that there is a 4 second cooldown on the spell. It’s not like someone can sit there spamming the spell and stack it up. They have to wait 4 seconds before hitting it again anyway. Making it 1 rage just makes it slightly more possible that you will live long enough to hit it a second time. lol
And given the fact that mystic winds does nothing to stop dark flaks, and there is no heal mechanism on this dragon, she isn’t going to live very long…


I did the same a each thing. I did not want EQ at all but was convinced tgive it a try. I’m seriously not impressed. Not too mention that I detest sorcerer dragons. I’ve been saving up my rubies for sigil chests and now I think I’m gong to continue saving for the next season as I really don’t want to waste my rubies on sigils for dragons that I really don’t want.


I mean, not really? Having the spell be 1 rage will, in no way, make your dragon more survivable for those 4 seconds you are waiting. All it means is that your following dragon is going to have 1-2 more rage than they would otherwise. Even with no research or rage boosts, this dragon should be able to hit it twice if they can survive long enough for the cool down to finish.


1 Question
Is Super Sigils Chest arriving soon?


I’m doing the same exact thing :joy::joy: I’m saving my rubies for next season and getting whatever prizes I can get to continue helping my team progress.


Winter sigils are only good for the winter season, so don’t save these ones.
I might have also misread and maybe you meant next season you’re saving your spring sigils till the end of the spring season?


The extra rage will hopefully allow you to cast mystic winds again, which is what has a hope of keeping you alive.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I meant rubies I’m an idiot :upside_down_face::drooling_face:


so i broke down and got it. I’m up to sapphire stone so far how is anyone else liking it? Ihve gotten the dragon to level 19 as well. I’ll need to get to platinum at least to really form an opinion.


I just finished Equestor and had to pick between Kirin and Tor. I ended up going with Kirin for the discount, but now I’m wishing I went with Tor. Oh, well! I’m happy enough with Equestor this season.


Sorry to sound demanding. I’m at work, the internet is super slow, so getting through each of the prize windows is a no-go. If no one has posted it when I get home, I’ll post it. :grin:


Kirin basically dies to Dark Flak towers. Fire flak resist is pretty bad since almost nobody uses those towers. Dark flak resist would have helped Kirin more. Also, War Cry is useless even if it is a white spell. I’d rather have a non white spell that does damage or reduces incoming damage than a small attack boost.


Beautiful and useful dragon, would have loved to have seen this next season.


Here is the summary of the prizes. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. Edit: Should be 77 mystic fragments.

Kirin or equestor

This dragon shouldn’t even be a thing as we were told there were no more being released. Can we not now try to buff the shit out of it and make matters worse? Either go for it as it is or don’t imo

Edit: “Make matters worse” meant as in “twist the knife”