The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


They should keep it discounted for the rest of the season


There’s a lot of stuff they “should” do but it ain’t gonna happen. We could should ourselves to death. If we’re going to start shoulding then this line should have been in the spring season as the 6th dragon because there wasn’t supposed to even be one this season

The discount is there to sell the valentines backpacks and it has worked damn well. Last 2 weeks without the discount will be sigil packs to promote ruby buying and spending.


Well the dragon hasn’t been there for last two weeks it just came out and hardly any warning bad way to do business least they can do is keep it discounted,but doubt it will happen it’s the way this game is


My guess is Super Sigil chests during weekend.


Just teasing you.



No worries bud. It needed to be done. :rose:


Just to be clear kirin silhouette looks like he/she has a little d***


War cry need to be improved like uproot.
Make it 1 rage
Or increase boost
Or get rid of the cool down

All of the above is the best option actually. :wink:


No. Don’t get the dragon if you don’t want it.


WD players on a car forum be like:

  • Make the new car half price
  • Make it drive twice as fast and twice as far
  • Actually you should make a flying car!



Hello all.
I have my Kirin at lvl10 and leos at lvl 1 and Kirin is slightly stronger than leos so any thoughts? but that’s not why I’m here.

I was wondering if Kirin’s war cry spell can be stacked?
And if her war cry spell goes for a sorcerer dragon after?
I seem to use it swap out for a sorcerer and it won’t work but If i swap out for a warrior like Leos the spell works, can someone explain.



And yes it goes on the next dragon just like Battlecry :+1:t2:


Thank you
but when I use war cry it seems that it only carries on for my warrior dragons and not my sorcerer or hunter dragons?


Just get Kirin to:

  • make you’re perch look cool
  • Get a collection dragon

This dragon is waste for me


Please have a look above at the third video post. There they say “there gonna be FIVE dragons” and the “sixth dragon will be replaced by a second rider”


How does this stackability of war cry looks like then?
Is it 10% + 10% + … for every time I use it?
Or is it 10% * 10% * … ?

Does somebody know?


10% x 10% is 1% :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s 10/20/30


Thanks that’s why I am asking. I had the impression that the second is weaker.


Ya, I must have missed that one. Still with nothing on sale there was no rush to use sigils on any dragon until the very end.


I haven’t followed up with a sorcerer yet, but I know it at least works with hunters following up.