The Herald of Fortune Arrives This Week!


Unless its a visual glitch or an issue with it stacking
I used it twice, switched to Kinnarus and Kinnarus didnt have the yellow aura around her head. Yet when I used it once and then switched with a teammate using Equestor it had the aura.


Anyone tested out the usefulness of this dragon as just a red tier leading whether it be to buff attack or take out (low level) mage drains?


Yep it’s THE weapon to get rid of the mage drain island


Are you being serious or sarcastic?


Serious. Have it at a lv where it can kill those low level mages pop wind pop war cry swap and let the follower smoke the base buffed


Thanks :+1:t3:


The weapon for the time being :eyes: more to follow in about a month… I’ve heard some juicy rumors


I hope mystic winds and DF resist doesn’t become a thing for warriors like cloak is for hunters. That would be boring.


Warriors need all the help they can get.
Starting a petition for warriors to get a 5th spell

Oh wait, PG hates warriors


There will be more complains for defending against Destar


I hope they rebalance Kirin. My experience with it so far has been pretty terrible at green level. Not great that the Pink Asian dragon has been given the joker card especially given most people probably had to pay to get it.


Spell Flux and DF Resist is the “thing,” for warriors like hunters have cloak


Plz give sigil chests in next event or end of season


Why is this always said?..


you would prefer warriors die silent death :joy::joy::joy:


let’s seriously talk about Destar after level 65 towers are released.


That video was supposed to demonstrate how warriors are still viable?


@DerangedSkrill Hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaah exactly my thoughts


Wait, so because a fairly level (for your player level) fully boosted warrior barely takes out an undefended base (not even solo) it’s supposed to show us how viable he is?


:thinking:. Gonna eyeball this one. :eyes: