The imminent expansion


Can we get some information on this @PGDave? Will the missing Diamond teams be added on Friday (U.S. time)? Will they be walled off from us for some period of time, perhaps in the areas beyond the water (outer portion of the map)?

Just some sort of update as to how this integration will be accomplished would be helpful.

Related question: Will there be any new territory up for grabs for the existing beta teams as part of the imminent expansion?


Yes, I was just about to post this but I’ll tag onto your thread here!

New beta teams will indeed be added later this week. This is the first time we’ve added teams to beta since it started, and I fully expect that it will come with a bit of a learning curve for both our development team and us beta players! But that’s a big part of why we’re doing it in this staged way – so we can learn and improve the unlocking of Atlas over time. The 3D tutorial is also brand new, and I can’t wait to hear what the new group of players think and then try to integrate the best suggestions as quickly as possible (it’s a very tight timeline until next month’s release!). Without further ado, let’s dive into some details.

  1. New safe zone territory will be released along with the 3.71 update today.
  2. Atlas will unlock for new teams on Wednesday. These new teams will start in these new safe zones.
  3. We’re tentatively planning on releasing new territory on Monday so that the new teams have several days to settle in and learn the basics. There are ~5.52 ownable areas per current Atlas team. I intend to raise that to roughly 6.5 ownable areas per Atlas team (so we’re growing the world space-wise more than team-wise … because I think we need more area for teams to own than we have now, as discussed elsewhere here).

I’ll post a 2D PNG of the new biomes and levels later today.

Pushed 3.71 update

Haha sorry about that :see_no_evil: I’ve received a lot of questions from curious friends. Will await your update.


Will the 3D tutorial be avalable for all, or just the new players?


@Atops Just new players. In takes place in its own, completely separate but temporary world. This allows new players to learn the ropes without worrying about whether someone else stole their poacher, etc.


What about players new to existing beta teams? I was hoping the tutorial would be available to them. Much less explaining for me… :joy:


New players to existing teams will get the tutorial – if they have not yet launched Atlas.


Sweet. Good to know, thanks :smile:


Hey Dave, what do you mean “ownable areas”? Regions or islands? I’ve seen PG support call the islands, continents but now we are on land :joy:. Seems some clear nomenclature is gonna be useful, for me at least :see_no_evil:

How about Outposts? Not sure how that would translate in other languages

How about Provinces and Bastions? As in 3-4 bastions per province.

Anyway, you catch my drift :v:t4:


Islands are now castles going by some of the text in game. I still call them islands half the time though lol


I still call troops ships lol…not sure if I’ll ever get used to not saying ships.


Castles seems to make the most sense with the new art, so let’s go with that. I type ships all the time too … I try to remember to find/replace before I post anything, lol.


The islands are cities (castles surounded by towers and other structures)…

Troops/ships… we have dragons… they are “airships!” :grin: Now we can all be happy.

… “I loaded my troops into my airships and went to war… I sank 83k enemy ships, dead, dead, dead! it was glorious”…

Etc. etc.

Although I still love my idea of a homeland region we could build up that no else one can conquer, and then all the areas on the map are colonies we compete to own (like we compete for them now).

That way everyone has at least one place to build and bank at all times, BUT colonies become important for poachers, building materials, egg payouts, etc.

I just feel that no one should be homeless… everyone should have a homeland.


I want everyone to have a home too. Making it unattackable didn’t work out, but I think the current iteration is promising (once we add enough land). It’ll take some time to see how it plays out, but I’m observing closely!


Everyone could get one city (one only) where they have a special building that puts up a shield that never drops.
Either make it a random location (we have portals now, so you could give us our one city where ever you felt like) or you could let players choose. I prefer having PG choose. (1) it gives it more of the homeland <–> colony feeling, and (2) it makes it simpler to code if players don’t need to be able to move it.

There is just one big map area where the cities have shields and we all own one city. (Regions can be single cities to make it feel like it is our country?) maybe not even have travel paths/connections between them, just out personal team portals to the main map where we battle over colonies. There are already non-connecting cities, so not connecting them is easy.

Heck, no shield even needed then. No path, no shield. No attacks. The team just portals back and forth from the homeland to the main map of the contested colonies.


Having an extra area off in (literally, lol) the middle of nowhere could definitely work, but it’d be weird / jarring to go back & forth from that area to your team’s actual lands. Though maybe not more so that going around to different colonies within your dominion (once teams start spreading out to hold territory in multiple biomes as the world expands).


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