THE incredible Neptus

Sit back and witness the greatness first.

Then this is the base that was attacked.
And this is the attacker

Let’s take a look what level can Neptus get when the player is level 212

All those lv60 towers just got one shot by a GARNET Neptus!
So regret I didn’t even try getting it last season.

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In the past, Monstersdesert has been accused of being a team that uses cheats and hacks to get by- in fact, look up Kelvin’s spell flux in the forum search bar. Have you reported this case?

History repeats…

Edit: whoop, found the best pan meme I was literally looking at 5 minutes ago

Monster up to their old tricks again? :thinking:

That was fun! :man_facepalming:

@PGJared yea this isn’t possible, so I hereby summon the Pan God


Deja vu… I feel a pan-demic coming on…


Why people cheat ?!

Cut it out with the callout threads on the forum. Submit a ticket.