The inevitable demise of War Dragons, and how it may be averted



Most likely to happen


Most likely won’t ever occur. When one team falls another rises :woman_shrugging:t2:


Like this :joy:



Having been in both Plat teams and Diamond teams, I can say the big difference is not just the size of bases, but the activity level of the team. When I was an officer in Plat, I would organize, raids, defenses, and takeover attempts all the time. At most, I’d get maybe 10 to 20 people to show up and help. In Diamond, when we get an Atlas raid or defense, 30 to 40 people show up, and they know what they are doing too. Very little cat-herding necessary.

That being said, even in Diamond, the easiest way to keep your castles is to have friendly neighbors. The easiest way to gain castles is to buy or trade for them. That’s never really going to change.


I agree with this 100%. I think a lot of teams are really quick to put the blame on other teams and want new mechanics implemented into the game instead of looking at their own team and realizing their own weaknesses . If you have 10 people showing up on a raid that has the intent to conquer, you are most likely going to fail. If nobody is on during the day, or don’t respond to the @groups for defending a castle you most likely will lose the castle . It’s not always that teams are these big bad bullies or that it’s not fair. Sometimes it’s just that we need to take a look at the our own teams and figure out how we can improve to be able to compete on the level that is needed.


But then why sapphire teams have better castles than diamonds :thinking:. not because of their active players :joy:.

Omg is this happening in the game. Do we have this kind of teams :scream::scream:


I did exactly this, and decided to move to a Diamond team. Several other of the more active players also left for greener pastures, and 2 weeks later, my old Plat team had completely disbanded. I think there’s a large portion of Plat teams that are pretty much carried by the top 10 players. How many alts does the average plat team have, just to keep their roster at 50? 5? That’s 10% of the team that’s pretty much useless in Atlas.


Proof? Example?..

Also, let me just add that being diamond doesn’t make you better then everyone below D1. I can think of quite a few teams who are in diamond that are ass in atlas. Being in D1 just means you can war well. :joy: the abilities of the teams don’t always carry over into atlas. I know of quite a few sapphire teams that are more competitive then some diamond teams. :blush: I feel like you magically think that all diamond are better then all sapphire and that’s not always the case.


Nah i won’t call out here teams names.
Let’s say you war those teams and you win those war by a huge difference in flames meaning activity of the players. Making you wonder how in the world they can have all those castles. :joy:


Activity is key factor in Atlas. If you don’t put the time in you will not reap the benefits, plain and simple. You can quickly figure out the teams that are active.

A simple illustration of a team that doesn’t put the work in… I was farming Glory the other day and was short on time so I camped out on a castle with 30K troops on my Sieger (ill advised btw). I was able to keep hitting their level 475 taunter without a single defender until I bubbled their castle. At first I felt bad about it then decided if they don’t care then neither do I…


You all make Atlas sound like such hard work


:astonished: Haha. Where you afraid of a retaliation hmm? I have never farm glory in anyone castle. Is that a good practice?i mean is it a good thing to do?


It’s the only way to do it imho, outside of PvP events anyhow. Aligane is a cluster of a mess. Not only do you have to worry about the mobs of potential hits but the crashes that take place almost guarantee you’ll loose your troops.

Was I worried about retaliation? Sure from a defensive perspective. I actually was expecting it. Hitting me at a castle not so much.


I see and I agree with you. So many crashes. :man_facepalming:


It would be more fun to have large scale battles in Atlas if the servers could keep up. It really pulls the fun out of it when you have to attack the trapper (that’s trapped you) with 2500 troops 4 times in a row and it still doesn’t count.

Or you load up your Prim to attack, move in to the enemy castle only to get the white screen of death. By the time you can get back into the game all your troops have been killed.


This suggestion would be better if broken up into multiple since there is a lot to digest here. Additionally, there are already other threads regarding improvements that could be made to Atlas.

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