The last King Of The Hill and those Quests

Bravo on one of the worst events you guys have put together yet.

King of the hill was not a bad event as PVPs go. In my opinion it beats Gauntlet which has us burning energy hitting ridiculously small bases before we get through to the central island. Instead with King of the hill we had a chance to run against teams in the league and the Raid button and attack bonus meter helped upset the balance.

However, huddled over your conference table you guys decided that it was too complex and needed to be killed off so for its final edition what did you do? You added a whole new layer to it that ran contrary to the whole event and ended up offering us lousy returns for the time we put in!

Your Team Quests has to be one of the stupidest ‘innovations’ so far. Whoever thought that one up and anyone who approved it needs to be banned from your game development. Do you not play the game yourselves?

In an event that is about attacking you brought in ridiculous asks as team quests. 400 supershots. Really?! Really?!

And then x attacks with 100% wins on x levels when you know that the event is only won by focussing team energy on a target at a time and you never find enough targets of the level you want for the quest in any one team. So effectively you messed with team focus in the event.

At the end of all this the shittiest prizes ever for all the time we put in. I’m not even starting on the malfunctions that messed up logging back in for the bonus meter, raiding when an island was falling, etc. as those are technical faults. If you guys haven’t realised it yet the most valuable thing people put into the game is their time, not money. Mess with that and you risk losing players in what is really a good game. Back to the conference table guys. Please don’t mess it up.

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Actually I thought the team quests have the potential to be great.

The only thing that stopped them from being great this time around was the mismatch between the difficulty of the quests and the returns.

As you point out, the returns for grinding out 400 supershots per day for 5 days straight were just absolutely lousy. But if they put a decent prize on it, would be a good thing.

I hope they bring this back in future events, but either with more attainable quests or else better prizes (or both)


^ This
And wth @EilishOfAvalon ? Gauntlet is great :smiley: a bit exhausting, but good rewards. Just put in kinn/eq and do something else for 90 seconds while they kill the base :joy:

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I charged over 1200 supershots, didn’t miss a single quest, had 800 pts myself total. got like 5 dragon attacks and hps , 5 tower attacks/hps and an a little egg coins. In what possible world does this not put you in the negatives. I could buy those prizes cheaper then I’d spend on defense/armor/repairs/gunpowder and healing potions . This is the craziest thing I’ve yet to see PG do . Also gives other players like 1000 rubies and extras for leveling up but some don’t get the same prizes or no prizes for no reason.

Take as feedback PG. Person behind the quest concept has no idea how the game played in different leagues. Ask him to join at least platinum team with anonymous profile and play for 1 month to understand the players thought process and day to day dynamics in active team.

Very well put!

They really do need to take a look at the team quests, for the amount of work you have to put in and resources spent = to prizes gained it’s just not a fair amount. The amount of coins needed to get to the next chest level is high as well. I really hope this will all get adjusted.

I totally agree I did all the quests and the rewards were pathetic spent more time on the quests than the actual event but far more prizes in the event. They need to make the prizes equal to the heals you use and all the resource you use. Was not worth doing quests

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When I saw the “Use 45 hammers during def” quest my first, immediate reaction was:

“When the pigs fly!” :joy::rofl::joy:

But I remember PGCrisis saying that this week was the test week for team quests to see how they (we) perform.

I was shocked when I realised the team quests happened to be individual ones. I was hoping they would be like the entire team working on each task as a team. Of course, the prizes-requirements should be balanced. What I am thinking like:

  • defeat 120 bases 20 levels above yours
  • Defend X number of bases (any)
  • Deploy 500/1000 supershots
  • Transfer food / wood
  • whatever EVERY team member can contribute to.

Team achievements still are based on individual achievements, but my concept would be real team work, where every member could work on depending their resources / time. I know that it could lead to some member work their butts off, while some others could freeload, but that applies to technically everything.


Glad I wasn’t the only one disappointed on how PG worded this new addition. Surely it should have been called “daily quests”. This is one of the reasons the team I’m in didn’t participate. Have to say some of us scored points for backing team members or defending, but it wasn’t intentional.

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Agreed, like the concept but more team not individual. Some quests not reachable, now team maybe but not one on one

Im so sad to see my fav pvp event go. But i accepted the fact that game/s change and update things to keep the fun and ridiculously good and bad ideas keep pouring in forums. I actually love the fact that these changes keep coming for the good or bad, otherwise forum is dead hehe.

As for the topic about the excessively exhausting team quests. Its not difficult, but rather tiring as it is literally a grind. There are loopholes in the teamquests if you know what im saying, and you dont actually have to exhaust that many important resources to finish it except for hammer which is really important for everybody. For long time players I dont think 40+ hammers would hurt their stash i dont know i could be wrong, for shields and sword boosts, i dont know how other players use it but for a player in sapphire higher, there should be plenty.

There are few points Id like to say about finishing the quests.

  1. There are lots of players who has tons of resources. And even if you play for 2 years you wont be able to exhaust them all. If you think you dont have enough, dont do it. The price is very cheap , the rewards are not game changing rewards for you to force yourself to do it.

  2. For 200 supershot, you can drop 19 or not sure if 20(with complete ss research). Per run with 3 dragons on enemy. There are lots of players in LC generous enough to exchange murders of red tier dragons. If u have alt, well… too ez. 15-20 mins of ur time for 120 points.

  3. For atk x lvl higher than you 70 times , simplest way i can think of to finish this if you dont know any ez farm is to ask someone to drop defenses for a bit. I dont mind doing this for a friend. But im aware this is extremely exhaustful. I myself did not even finish this.

Ive read somethig about that PG is doing this just for testing? Maybe they will see the participation rate and change it when they see appropriate. So all the feedback are heard.

And as for me as a noncash gamer I dont mind missing few resources and sigils if I dont see the worth giving effort to it , and maybe apologize to my teammates my participation rate for this is poor, gladly i think they understand.


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