The Lawful Good Breeding Path (Revised Third Edition)

Hi, I have a breeding path. In posting this, I and everyone else who wishes to use this path makes a vow to uphold the values of Lawful Good breeding, to wit:

  1. Before breeding, Lawful Good breeders are required to at least buy a dragon a sheep first.
  2. You are not allowed to use pickup artistry or “negging” during breeding. Negging is not Lawful Good, and it also is not effective on dragons. It has been proven that telling a dragon, “Well, you aren’t as ugly as Merk” does not actually decrease the expected token cost.
  3. Lawful Good breeders are commitment-oriented. They breed with the purpose of producing an egg. If you’re looking to just blow 20 tokens meaninglessly, swipe left on the parents screen (down, if holding your device in landscape mode).

Because this path is Lawful Good, I’m actually going to explain why it exists and what it is good for.

Who is this guide for?

It’s for hardcore supernoobs, i.e. people who are early on in their progress but are either better than average at games, grind more than average, or spend more than average.

If you are doing at least one of these things, you will have more egg tokens than you need from red-platinum tier. The experience requirements keep you from reasonably breeding too many dragons in a single 6-day event, and the leveling requirements for breeding are pretty high (you have to average 10-14 levels per fort event to keep going), so your speed is throttled at a relatively low rate. Accumulating these tokens into savings will help you during sapphire tier, but cashing in a portion of the tokens for research will help you immediately. You will be doing the latter, because accumulating a hoard of unused egg tokens into which you take daily Scrooge McDuck-style dives is not Lawful Good.

Why is this guide useful?

This guide gets you cheap research eggs quickly. It also improves your ability to win raids and event battles.

Prior to level 108, progress in the game is more level-bound than token-bound, hence the tokens you will spend on research would otherwise just be saved for your future self. Saving for the future would be helpful, but I do not believe that this is where the comparative advantage is needed; your future self has a higher token income than you do. That fat cat can fend for himself!

Research below gold tier is now quite cheap. Many research options are very good and help you at all stages of the game (rage research, hunter energy, +dmg/hp, +xp, etc.) It’s like getting the best rider in the game for every dragon you will ever own; also, it stacks with actual riders. Some (specifically, construction upgrade reduction) help you more proportionate to how soon you get them.

By gradually spending on research, you can push to the next achievement tier during early breeding events while still getting rewards for the tokens invested (in the form of point achievement tokens, rubies, and sigils).

Lastly—and I feel like this goes without saying—hoarding is a sin which will land you in the fourth circle of Dante’s hell, wherein you and your fellow hoarders will roll vast weights against the wasters, which clearly is not Lawful Good.

Wow, this description of your guide makes a cogent argument for its merits that others can evaluate and either confirm or refute. It also states its circumstances of use, so that people can see if it’s applicable to them! Wouldn’t it be bad if you didn’t do that?

Indeed, such behavior would be the opposite of Lawful Good.

Holy hot potato, WHAT. A. DEAL. I want in!

Dope! Just follow Red’s best path with the following modifications:

  1. Breed Ankor after Amarok via Jura+Viscus, then Slynx after Ankor via Ankor+Baldr. The rationale here is that Slynx is the best source of cheap orange research eggs (~23 tokens per egg), and sane progression means that you’ll otherwise run out of orange research eggs long before gold tier. It costs a few hundred more tokens in total to do it my way, but I think being able to proceed to orange and then green construction and rage research faster is well worth it. Also, if you run into the aforementioned leveling problem and can’t get Ettin breedable during an event, this approach lets you proceed at the same cost. (Ith+Ankor get you Nassus for 8200.)

  2. Then when it’s time to breed Bronze (box 23), use a Slynx+Danzig backbreed instead and pick him up for about 500 tokens. You get your tokens back!

  3. Pick up Enki for whenever your incubator’s free after Pandi. (Slynx+Pandi.) He’s dirt cheap via backbreed (average 1157 tokens). If you’re good at flying, he’s the best combat lineage dragon below platinum, arguably below sapphire. (He’s still not as useful overall as the Lord Ember (peace be upon him), but then, neither is Destar.) Don’t bother with Habrok or Karna.

Follow the information here for cheap research eggs. This is an older variant of the same, which has less information but does limit the cheap egg recommendation to one per tier, the parents of which you will definitely get.

Why don’t you make your own spreadsheet for this?

Because Red keeps hers updated and I wouldn’t. Moreover, the novel contribution I have made is small and would not meet the substantiality test for fair use. Hence, taking credit for it would not be Lawful—nor, dare I say, Good.

Are there any other rules that you must follow as a Lawful Good player?

I’m glad you asked. Lawful Good players never use decoy attacks in wars. They always announce their targets beforehand by challenging them to an honourable duel via PM. Example:

Subject: Villain, I come to slay thee!
Message: Fie!

When they are about to attack, they spam “CHARGE!” in LC for a full five minutes before attacking.

I have been weak and strayed from the Lawful Good path. Help!

Fear not, brother. When you have sinned, you must seek redemption by going on a Penitence Crusade. This is a painful and boring activity that you must undertake solely to reflect on your sins, without hope of reward or any benefit to yourself. Historical examples include wearing an abrasive shirt of hair or flagellating yourself. Luckily for you, War Dragons has recently included a new mechanic for doing something similar, in the form of Team Quests!



Q. Gadzooks! Instead of bravely striding up to a red mage tower and punching it boldly, like a man, I gave in to cowardice and used the treacherous Cloak spell to hide from the wizards inside. This proved to be a gateway non-Lawful action, and soon I found myself committing other dastardly deeds, such as using my forge to make fake ID cards for my non-breedable dragons so that they could get drunk. I fear I have become a dragon criminal. (!) What do I do?

A. Do not dismay, brother! Though your sins are heavy, you may lift your spirit back up to the light. Do ten team quests and recite Red’s Icicle 1 path four times, and I shall pronounce you pure again. You may leave your life of dragon crime behind you.

Q. Oh wow, that’s great! Also, in full disclosure, I started using this cool breeding path that helps you get to the next tier the fastest, for some value of “fast” that is measured in neither tokens nor time. Is that okay, or do I need to do another team quest?

A. …

Q. Pardon? My ancient Sumerian is a bit rusty, sorry.

A. How’s your Latin? DEUS VULT.

Q. I thought you said I could be redeemed? Brought into the light?


Q. This feels like a significant change in tone!

A. The Lawful Good breeder is even of temper and mild of mien. Potentially, that makes him seem soft. Potentially, he seems to tolerate the trepasses of the misguided. He is a bringer of redemption and prefers forgiveness to rashness. But he is also the pan in the Lord Jared’s hand. He is the hammer that brings the evil man’s event superattack to 69%. He is the sword defiantly dropped over a farm island by a truly fearless defender.

Q. The lawful good breeder kind of sounds like a righteous jerk!

A. You’re half right!

Q. Okay, so what’s the deal with post-green research?

A. It’s extremely expensive and you start to have much better options for spending your tokens. By the time you run out of valuable, cheap green research, you’ll be at or near sapphire breeding tier. At this point, your breeding paths open up a lot (i.e., if you have more tokens than you need for your targeted breed, you can usually throw them at some future step in the path to top off any near achievement tiers), so you should probably do that.

The simplest response to all this, which is the right option for most people, is to just ignore all post-green research entirely. If you’re hurting for tokens, I recommend this. Otherwise, consider picking a reward you want (12% XP on all dragons, or 5% construction reduction; I suggest the latter) and working toward it extremely slowly. Personally, I am going with the construction upgrade and don’t plan to finish until I’m breeding emeralds. Power increases are token-bound from sapphire-emerald, so you can grow slowly until obsidian tier, at which point it’s probably reasonable to finish out construction reduction if you’re close, in preparation for spending a lot of saved speedups. :+1:

Q. Even if you breed to optimize producing extra eggs, isn’t that still going to be at least 100k tokens on research?

A. Yes, it’s about that much. It’s still less than the difference between Icicle 1 and Icicle 4. Consider what you most want to optimize for and make an informed choice when the time comes.

Q. I’ve tried to fly dragons the Lawful Good way, which I assume means bringing a squire along to shout challenges at the enemy while I boldly manfight the towers:

Defender: Powered
ChiknNLawfuls: We challenge you, knave!
Defender: Armored
ChiknNLawfuls: We fight for honour, and what is right!
ChiknNLawfuls: Your sorcerous ways have no grip on us!
(rage drain happens here; dragon tanks the shots with grit and resolve)
ChiknNLawfuls: Lo! Though our rage is gone, our fury rises!

However, a question: I have noticed an unmanly spell called “Cloak” which tempts me into deceitful acts whenever I see it. I try to be strong, but is there a way to avoid this? I’ve noticed a lot of hunters have this spell, knaves that they are.

A. Great question, lots of great points there. First, if you are trying to be particularly lawful, you should probably be leaving Amarok on your roster at all times, so that the Knight Dragon’s noble nature can inspire you and keep you from resorting to cloak. However, this game does undeniably have a lot of hunters in it. (No one knows why!) As you progress, they may be too much for even Amarok to keep in line.

But there is one hunter who always fights fairly and honourably, always giving even the foulest of wizards a sporting chance to shoot him. I speak, of course, of Drude. Drude is fearless, challenging the wicked to strike at him if they dare. (Most don’t. Few are so bold as to shoot at the almighty; what if they miss?) He is the one that the wicked fear.

As Lawful Good (as far as most Americans know!) statesman Winston Churchill once said, “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” Unlike most cloaking hunters, Drude offers you the opportunity to be missed by every tower on a base. Welcome to Exhilarationtown, population: you!


:grin:I Hope to live up to this in my next war.
Infact i hope to see this taken up by my entire league :rofl:


I absolutely loved reading this. You certainly have a way with words :smile: my grin grew as I continued down the explanation of your breeding guide :laughing:


Will Lumen and Ferrox do?
It has 100% rare gold eggs, available from lv 63.

Sure, that works. It’s not favored because it’s a 92% breed, so the cost is ~2087 tokens per egg rather than 1920, but that’s a very minor difference. If you aren’t in platinum tier yet, you can also do Whalegnawer+Ith for gold eggs at slightly cheaper (~2021).

I would clarify that gold research ramps up significantly in cost over green (2.4x the egg cost, number of eggs increases by a factor of 5x+), so the benefits of research spending become more questionable at gold tier. The +12% experience boost is probably eventually worth it; I’m not sure about anything else. Platinum construction research is really nice, but you have to spend just shy of 250k tokens to get it, most of which is on ballista enhancement research. (I wish I were kidding.)



[quote=“Tinsir, post:1, topic:44971”]
Lastly—and I feel like this goes without saying—hoarding is a sin which will land you in the fourth circle of Dante’s hell, wherein you and your fellow hoarders will roll vast weights against the wasters, which clearly is not Lawful Good.
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When you know in your heart that a path is righteous, a Lawful Good player walks it, though it leads through bramble and brush!


As a leader, if I don’t see this in my inbox during war, I will be severely disappointed.