The Lawful Good Breeding Path (Revised Third Edition)


@Tinsir thanks for bring a smile to my face keep up the good work, very entertaining😁.


Btw, we had a War last night, and not a single person from the team sent me that message. :cry:


They obviously hadn’t fully integrated the Lawful Good breeding path into their team. How utterly Evil of them…


Insurmountably evil…


Maybe even… chaotic evil of them? :eyes:


:joy: well said!


Criminally Naughty would be the antonym, I believe… although I am no @Tinsir when it comes to words (or deeds, or contributions… or really anything that he does well)


I’m apparently not lawful good :frowning:️ I delcared a war less than 2 minutes before the start time, AND I failed to notify the leader that I was coming to slay their soldier (in this case, the leader him/herself) :joy:





I know :laughing: I’m apparently pure, chaotic evil mwahahahaha… except not really :rofl::joy::rofl:


I’d say that I’m Chaotic Neutral.
In war, I’ll pick someone around my level (or slightly higher, unless certain condition is met).
Losing against him, I’ll pick one lower.
Losing again, I’ll pick the lowest possible level :thinking:


Lol that is fairly chaotic.

I don’t think I’ve ever hit anyone below my own level in war unless I had to (no other targets).

As far as orientation, I’ve always been either lawful good or neutral good when questing. Never jumped into the chaotic spectrum since I’ve always made calculated moves that always maximize my benefits. Guess its just the way I am 🤷



I hear there’s a really good breeding path for you, too! It emphasizes getting to the next tier the fastest!


All I see are good puppers



Oh goodness no :laughing: I’m doing Red’s A&A 3 with a tweak because I want to get Renard earlier :sweat_smile:



You made my day sir.
Respect for the tips and the interesting post!



Q. Gadzooks! Instead of bravely striding up to a red mage tower and punching it boldly, like a man, I gave in to cowardice and used the treacherous Cloak spell to hide from the wizards inside. This proved to be a gateway non-Lawful action, and soon I found myself committing other dastardly deeds, such as using my forge to make fake ID cards for my non-breedable dragons so that they could get drunk. I fear I have become a dragon criminal. (!) What do I do?

A. Do not dismay, brother! Though your sins are heavy, you may lift your spirit back up to the light. Do ten team quests and recite Red’s Icicle 1 path four times, and I shall pronounce you pure again. You may leave your life of dragon crime behind you.

Q. Oh wow, that’s great! Also, in full disclosure, I started using this cool breeding path that helps you get to the next tier the fastest, for some value of “fast” that is measured in neither tokens nor time. Is that okay, or do I need to do another team quest?

A. …

Q. Pardon? My ancient Sumerian is a bit rusty, sorry.

A. How’s your Latin? DEUS VULT.

Q. I thought you said I could be redeemed? Brought into the light?


Q. This feels like a significant change in tone!

A. The Lawful Good breeder is even of temper and mild of mien. Potentially, that makes him seem soft. Potentially, he seems to tolerate the trepasses of the misguided. He is a bringer of redemption and prefers forgiveness to rashness. But he is also the pan in the Lord Jared’s hand. He is the hammer that brings the evil man’s event superattack to 69%. He is the sword defiantly dropped over a farm island by a truly fearless defender.

Q. The lawful good breeder kind of sounds like a righteous jerk!

A. You’re half right!

Q. Okay, so what’s the deal with post-green research?

A. It’s extremely expensive and you start to have much better options for spending your tokens. By the time you run out of valuable, cheap green research, you’ll be at or near sapphire breeding tier. At this point, your breeding paths open up a lot (i.e., if you have more tokens than you need for your targeted breed, you can usually throw them at some future step in the path to top off any near achievement tiers), so you should probably do that.

The simplest response to all this, which is the right option for most people, is to just ignore all post-green research entirely. If you’re hurting for tokens, I recommend this. Otherwise, consider picking a reward you want (12% XP on all dragons, or 5% construction reduction; I suggest the latter) and working toward it extremely slowly. Personally, I am going with the construction upgrade and don’t plan to finish until I’m breeding emeralds. Power increases are token-bound from sapphire-emerald, so you can grow slowly until obsidian tier, at which point it’s probably reasonable to finish out construction reduction if you’re close, in preparation for spending a lot of saved speedups. :+1:

Q. Even if you breed to optimize producing extra eggs, isn’t that still going to be at least 100k tokens on research?

A. Yes, it’s about that much. It’s still less than the difference between Icicle 1 and Icicle 4. Consider what you most want to optimize for and make an informed choice when the time comes.

Q. I’ve tried to fly dragons the Lawful Good way, which I assume means bringing a squire along to shout challenges at the enemy while I boldly manfight the towers:

Defender: Powered
ChiknNLawfuls: We challenge you, knave!
Defender: Armored
ChiknNLawfuls: We fight for honour, and what is right!
ChiknNLawfuls: Your sorcerous ways have no grip on us!
(rage drain happens here; dragon tanks the shots with grit and resolve)
ChiknNLawfuls: Lo! Though our rage is gone, our fury rises!

However, a question: I have noticed an unmanly spell called “Cloak” which tempts me into deceitful acts whenever I see it. I try to be strong, but is there a way to avoid this? I’ve noticed a lot of hunters have this spell, knaves that they are.

A. Great question, lots of great points there. First, if you are trying to be particularly lawful, you should probably be leaving Amarok on your roster at all times, so that the Knight Dragon’s noble nature can inspire you and keep you from resorting to cloak. However, this game does undeniably have a lot of hunters in it. (No one knows why!) As you progress, they may be too much for even Amarok to keep in line.

But there is one hunter who always fights fairly and honourably, always giving even the foulest of wizards a sporting chance to shoot him. I speak, of course, of Drude. Drude is fearless, challenging the wicked to strike at him if they dare. (Most don’t. Few are so bold as to shoot at the almighty; what if they miss?) He is the one that the wicked fear.

As Lawful Good (as far as most Americans know!) statesman Winston Churchill once said, “Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” Unlike most cloaking hunters, Drude offers you the opportunity to be missed by every tower on a base. Welcome to Exhilarationtown, population: you!


This. Is. Awesome.

Was wondering how i missed it before…you posted it while i was on vacation. Im still doing my penance for not flying for 3 weeks :scream:


Nearly choked on my coffee while reading this. Have to say Tinsir you have a way with words keep up the good work.


Why not Aibrean?