The little Snowflake

In a land far far away were dragons still roam the land, on a cold night a little snowflake was born. This little snowflake had big dreams about ruling the entire universe some day.

He worked very hard and finally got a job at dragon headquarters. This job made him feel invincible and he started to feel like he’s finally getting where he wants to be … the ruler of the universe.

Unfortunately as his inner power got stronger he’s ability to communicate with his dragons started to dwindle. He started to act all high and mighty and stopped caring about how he made them feel because he knew there were rules protecting him and not them.

One thing this little snowflake forgot is that his kingdom were full of dragons… and dragons breath fire. He didn’t realized that the meaner he was acting the hotter the dragons breath became and the more frequently they got in uproar.

A dragon kingdom without a snowflake can survive, the question is… can a snowflake survive without the protection of the dragons…

To be continued…


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Chapter 2. The Circle of Heat

Within the universe, from the deepest darkest despondency, a huge pandemonium is emerging from the ashes.

Everyone looked at the little snowflake, wondering if he realizes that with his impertinent actions towards the roaring dragons he is in fact, not building the empire but creating an immense division between the universe and the dragons of the kingdom.

A few desperate dragons from the kingdom tried to assist the little snowflake by explaining what the basic needs and preferences are for a fully developed adult dragon because they realized that there’s no possible way a little snowflake, like himself, will ever be able to grasp the daily battles and obstacles without living and flying amongst the fearsome dragons of the universe.

The little snowflake got more and more annoyed with the infinite increasing heat from the dragons breath and he only became more impatient with the disgruntled dragons of the kingdom. The more intense the heat became the more aggressive the little snowflake acted. He even exiled the dragons with the most intense breath from the kingdom in the hope to reinforce his power.

It is very noticeable that, for this kingdom to survive, the need for transformation is absolute. The question remains… will the little snowflake adhere to the advice of the few friendly dragons left or would this kingdom, together with the little snowflake, be doomed, forever forgotten……


This reminds me of that novel PG put out a while ago…except its, well…good.

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Best seller material

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