The Lore of Atlas

So…looking back through the seasonal announcements, it seems like every couple months the atlas lore is flushed out and retconned…but does anyone want to take a shot at summarizing the mythos of the war dragon world?

I’m imagining PG as the clergy in this narrative, trying their best to communicate and manage the wild decrees of an impulsive dragon deity.

Good luck…


Well we have atlas, land off all dragons
And we have atlas, land of lag


Land of warfare, chaos, and never ending madness basically just like real life :joy:

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Gimme a mo’, imma gonna look thru the seasons and dragon stories

Maybe @Lachrymae has them :eyes:
Haven’t seen lore stories for a long time actually…

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I’d argue that each season doesn’t retcon previous lore, though there’s probably some accidental bits of that occasionally.

I think of it more as changing focus as different events happen and different places become more noticed by Dragon Lords, who are always looking for an edge on their rivals and neighbors.


Yes, looking forward is fun…but there’s certainly enough of a mythos already that could be developed and embellished.

The early game avatars…who are they? Aren’t these the blackbloods? So why do we appear as them…do we begin the game as blackbloods only to escape to new teams and new lands as we grow and unlock new avatars?

I find it all fascinating.

So there’s 3 realities here. Space, where Quasar, Nebulon, and Omiros originates, Atlas, the continent War Dragons is based on, and the Void, a corrupted alternate reality that’s the equivalent of 2b2t to Minecraft as it is to Atlas.

Notable locations: The underworld, from concept art it looks like a subterranean stronghold similar to Drow cities in DND, where Ceberaths live

Comala, a small town in I think the Windblown Shroud, home to Hueso and Sepulla

the Spinal Peaks, a series of volcanoes in the center of Atlas, home to Surt

Wraithfire Keep, a heavily fortified set of ruins that exists in both the Void and Atlas, which houses the Void Eye, a portal summoned by Kharnyx as a terminal to do his Void experiments with. The original portal he used was opened in the Spinal Peaks, but was shut down by Lusian, which resulted in him getting corrupted. Too bad, because without him the celestials stand no chance against Xul and Sekhet, unless the next celestial that comes out is good

Suddene, a large city of the Northern Prairies(?) composed of mostly wealthy and authoritative personnel that is home to multiple dragons such as Pathox and Capulos

The Fire Fields, a land of magma and ashes that provides plenty of minerals and geothermal heat, perfect for blacksmithing and engineering, which is essential for fighting off the vicious dragons that lives there. Wydrian, Redrian, and Mondrian was created as a replacement for sessile defense towers.

The Stygian Glaze, the continent’s northern ice cap, home to Tuktu and Krogon

The Twilight Woodlands, a dark, canopied forest that houses lurking horrors like Sylvix and Makota. Crossings to the Autumn Harvest is also found here(?), accompanied by Garnath.

The Burning Sands, a massive desert dotted with ruined towns and temples. Resources are scarce here and raids often, and terrible luck abound as of the presence of Zilch.

The Scrapyard, a piece of ruins within the Sands owned by Lockjaw, where he stores his hoard of machines and weapons.

The Frigid Narrows, a frozen mountainside carved with valleys and canyons, dotted with dwarves enclaves and home to the elusive Jorm.

The Windblown Shroud, a dry, windy series of badlands where Cuahuitl lurks, and the main region Souldance is celebrated at

Calavore’s Shrine, a small, ornate stone den that is meticulously decorated during Souldance and home to Calavore

The Glowing Cradle, a lush, moist tropical rainforest rustling with life and covered in the claw marks of Danav’s rampage

The Wailing Marshes, a toxic swamp sheltering many witch huts under its noxious gases and shambling undead, a containment zone for the hungering Ladron and the volatile Methalex watched over by Itzani