The Lost Islands Return - Atlas Darkmire Season

Hello Dragon Masters,

We are happy to announce that the Lost Islands will return on Tuesday, September 27. We will take Atlas down around 12:00 PM PT and re-enable it soon afterwards.

You are free to do what you wish with your primarchs and castles up until that point. When we take Atlas down, the following things will happen:

  • Your primarchs will be unsummoned
  • Your troops on those primarchs will be returned to your barracks
  • Castle ownership will be unassigned
  • Castle infrastructure will be moved into storage
  • If you had a home set on the Lost Islands it will be removed
  • The castles on the Lost Islands will be reassigned to the Ghostbloods and small amount of castle guards will be placed on them

When Atlas is re-enabled the slate will be wiped clean and the Lost Islands will be ready to be conquered once again. Please plan accordingly and happy hunting!

*As a reminder, the Atlas Darkmire season begins this Thursday, September 15 around 12:00 PM PT.