The Lost Islands Return - Atlas Dreadfrost Season

Hello Dragon Masters,

We are happy to announce that the Lost Islands will return on Wednesday, December 7. We will take Atlas down around 11:00 AM PT and re-enable sometime later in the afternoon.


You are free to do what you wish with your primarchs and castles up until Atlas is disabled for the Lost Islands reset.

When we take Atlas down, the following things will happen:

  • Your primarchs will be unsummoned
  • Your troops on those primarchs will be returned to your barracks
  • Castle ownership on the Lost Islands will be unassigned
  • Castle infrastructure will be moved into storage
  • If you had a home set on the Lost Islands it will be removed
  • The castles on the Lost Islands will be reassigned to the Blackbloods and small amount of castle guards will be placed on them

When Atlas is re-enabled the slate will be wiped clean and the Lost Islands will be ready to be conquered once again.

NOTE: We encountered some edge cases with castle upkeep payments during the migration to the new state of the map last season. Some players reported receiving in-game mail that upkeep payments had gone through, but they appeared unpaid in the new state of the map. We made some updates to try and fix this issue, but we would recommend double-checking your castles and upkeep when Atlas is re-enabled.


With this third run of the Lost Islands, we will be making a few changes to both the islands themselves and the Atlas map as a whole.

The Lost Islands Updates

  • All Atlas players will now have access to the Lost Islands: Gold, Platinum, Sapphire, and Diamond teams

General Atlas Updates

  • We are reintroducing the penalty for lost infrastructure levels when a castle is conquered. This was changed from 10% to 0% back in 2020 and will return as a 10% penalty.
  • For absolute clarity, this applies to all castles on the map, both on Lost Islands and the legacy map

The two changes above will be effective as soon as Atlas is re-enabled the afternoon of December 7 after the Lost Islands reset is performed.


We have heard your feedback about “the low castle guard meta” in Atlas, more specifically teams abusing low castle guard counts to reap the benefits of castle rewards while investing very little and not making themselves attractive targets for attack.

We will be introducing a change mid-season that will require teams to have a set percentage of total castle guards hired (around 10%) in order to receive any castle infrastructure bonuses or castle victory points at the end of rounds.

Another post clarifying the details of this change will be posted in January as we get closer to the feature’s release date.

All that being said, please plan accordingly and happy hunting!

*As a reminder, the Atlas Dreadfrost season begins next Thursday, December 8 around 12:00 PM PT.




Im sorry you made the decision to change the guards mechanism to the 10%.

This will with no doubt speed up the numbers of teams disbanding even more. Not to mention players quitting.


Not a big fan of the conquer mechanic changes, as it will make moving infra almost impossible

ALSO: Infra not applying on brand new/contested castles seems kinda dumb


Piracy was never an intended mechanic , the real problem now how can they force those hidden deep teams of the "antipiracy side come out "

However I do support this change , piracy should be fixed ; but the real win for piracy isnt some measly daily tokens or seasonal timers , the real win is and has been hitting and be hit as less as possible . So I dont think the current “pirates” will start playing differently as long as glory is served in a golden plate .


Will CG on owned castles in the Lost islands return to team glory or will it be lost like in the last reset?

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And it will be, T4s with gold and plat teams. They will be eaten alive

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Tbh pg has no idea, like you guys are listening to the wrong people, castle guards and pirates isn’t the core problem in atlas, it is the super mega alliance that exists (and yes there is only one, the other alliances aren’t mega), you have like 80 percent of active teams in the game who don’t hit each other, and you have the biggest and best ta in game who hits majority 10ish teams, who most of these teams are no where near in similar team make up as the big ta is.

If you fix the mega alliance problem and the issues off hitting down, teams would hold castles meaningful again, pirates are a cause of the big ta and that whole alliance hitting down and only hitting select few teams, forcing these changes will just destroy even more the teams that are not in that mega alliance.

A better change would be to force teams who own close to max t4/t5s to only get glory from similar castles, therefore making them have to fight on those castles and not t2s and t3s.

Introducing everyone to lost lands is just going to create the problem that is appearing in atlas atm, which I believe is worse then the no guards problem, which is shell teams conquering t4s, to have access to new lands your team should have atleast over 40 players, like if you have under this you aren’t there to fight for castles you are there to just have your main team drain a castle to nothing and then conquer it on your shell team and steal gold and bully the team you took from


Sounds like a certain team wanting thier shell teams to have access to new lands so they can take castles from the select few teams they like to hit and force them to have no castles or put guards on the castle


Well people say PG never does :eyes:

Both are issues , piracy is a derivate of mega alliances . There’s no solution of breaking mega alliances so why not start with the abomination of what atlas has become with 69 castle guards ( I know I am one of the first to do it , and always said I did it cause the mechanic allowed but never agreed to it )

If people can come up with a solution for mega alliances " BEN VENGA " ( italian quote ) , but I don’t see any feasible idea without breaking atlas .

They tried MAP SHUFFLE , people freaked out :man_shrugging:

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Most freaked out about the shuffle bc it was broken. The team I was on back then went from 4 to 16 access while others had 1. For example

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These changes won’t fix atlas either, just make even more teams plain out quit trying altogether. Teams will just go down to one castle for gold primes and it’ll just mean more abandoned castles with no guards that don’t give you any glory at all. You won’t make teams that don’t want to give their whole lives over to atlas change their mind with this change


That’s obviously not considered as a problem😂 use your main team to fight and swoop in and conquer with a shell with a handful of members.

How to play atlas after new changes (iOS):

  1. tap and hold War Dragons app on Home Screen
  2. tap Remove App
  3. tap Delete App
  4. play literally any other game

Alternate option: be dreadside and swap.

Enjoy the game you created :joy:


That is the way it’s going. Every change they do only benefits one alliance in game. Every time they change atlas it just convinces more people to quit


Well you like the number 69 hahahaah,

Um solution is glory scaling, you need to enforce similar make up teams to only get glory from similar teams, if you have a team of 40-50 maxed tower bases then you should only be able to get glory from a team that can compete vs yours which would be a team with 30-50 maxed tower bases anyone else would give next to no glory.

This would either force teams to change the make up of thier team or hit teams thier size.

Biggest problem with the mega alliance they have basically 25 of the top 30 teams in game in it and those 25 teams don’t hit each other, enforce them to hit each other problem solved, since these teams are similar make up on paper and should be battling


Huge problem is atlas, just only a select few teams in game who abuse this function, a shell team should not be able to conquer from a functioning team period, if you wanna force the team to defend a castle you need to conquer it with your main team not a shell team


This is another huge problem is the swapping that’s allowed in pvp bubble, pg wants to force guards on castles but they allow like 50-100 teams to sit on a castle and get thier inactive players to get maxed defensive prims is just bs

It’s clearly what PG and gpf players want from the game. The message is very clear, you should disband or be dreadside, it’s what PG intends for the game.


Also tbh, why should teams in the mega alliance be rewarded with egg tokens for being in the mega alliance, and with this change means teams that aren’t in that mega alliance have to fight for thier egg tokens?

Sounds like pg is rewarding being in the mega alliances and not discouraging it, there are loads of ways to discourage it, like even take eggtokens out of atlas and put it into league bonuses, and only reward daily castle bonuses with atlas things as in troops, diamonds, gold.

If they are enforcing a minimum of guards on castles to get bonuses then they should also enforce castles that are not neighboured by your 5ta and don’t get hit or attacked by a certain amount in a certain period should also give no bonuses. Like why do bullied non super mega alliance teams have to fight for thier bonuses while any team in that super mega alliance have super deep never touched castles that give them huge bonuses and they don’t even have to play the game


Should make it so teams defending a castle not in their 5ta get a penalty. Why isn’t having more allies than fits into your 5ta not an exploitation of game intended rules. The 5ta clearly means it wasn’t suppose to have 300 allies