The Lost Islands Return - Atlas Dreadfrost Season

Working with our ta is what a ta is for. TA are designed for helping each other or is it one rule for you and another for other teams :thinking::thinking: you have called on your ta in the past for battles and on other teams for assistance, it is a strategy. Majority of the time we don’t ask for outside of ta assistance which if you read previous comments on this thread you would understand the meaning behind what I am saying, odin pointed it out clearly before.

I also have the same feeling as you with regards to that. But as those with the loudest voices have often been the instigator, and many people don’t stand up to them, I feel like those that have been bullied need a voice as well.

I am not saying by any means I am righteous or correct in how I do things, I made plenty of mistakes myself over the years. My opinions are my own.

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With my opinions and my mindset I tend to act a bit like a keyboard warrior.

Once again you have to try and go personal to deal with your shortcomings as you are not contributing to the actual post. Maybe stop complaining and try and go back to actually putting valid input.

Game never going to improve if all PG reads is nonsense. :man_shrugging:

Suggestions by me would be
Back to the post, I am looking forward to the castle guards change. I hope they look to bring out downtime periods in which to reduce the 24/7 drag
Some extra variations of prims
Map redo Eg bring 5ta together in a map and then spread out neutrals castle to attack.
Have different regions depending on strength. Means teams can attack teams of similar strength

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Is this running late or did you mean Thursday? So new lands reappear with the new atlas season?

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Ending the season early really needs to come with a more significant global announcement and a change to the in game season timer. Please?

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I hope they will be reasonable and extend the season because this is really bad

Subject to change….a lot of that going round lately

I’m confused. The original announcement said the atlas season finished today and the new season starts tomorrow. Are they wiping the lost islands and reopening them again between seasons or am I missing something?

@PGAlgodon @PGTimber

Can we get an answer here please? Most of us are confused about the timeline.

Thank you in advance

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This is a stupid move … Not only the team who loses the castle has to deal with the Gold lost by being conquered, now they lose some more Gold because their infra has shrunk. Oh well…

This is not a bad idea and at the same time is a bad one too. Why ?
Because of this :

I pity those who in Platinum/Gold will go grab a castle in Lost Islands. They will be the target of the Diamond/Sapphire teams for two reasons:

  1. Easy glory
  2. 100% full glory

What will be the end result ? They will leave Atlas and the game in general. So… the end will be coming sooner than predicted.

I expect a new move from PG : they will modify the number of troops to be killed before a castle will bubble. Then they will modify the time a castle will stay bubbled. Why ? Well, because the top teams have no opponent to mess with, so they only have two solutions to keep playing :

  • attack low teams on T4+ castles for 100% glory
  • do glory swaps

I still play this game because of the friends I found in it, but in my mind this is doomed to disappear sooner than later.

I asked myself a year ago, what would happen if castles would no longer have guards and the big teams no longer have anything to attack ? Would PG try to change something ? And I got the answer in this update : yes. It will. Problem is, PG decided to address the effect, not the cause. This also shows that desperate times make people do desperate moves.


IF an infra loss has to be reintroduced then make it one level only. Maybe make the first loss of the season free, and then deduct an infra level for loss.
I really prefer no infra loss as already explained here it’s a double-whammy loss of infra means need for more gold and often less ability to both generate and store gold.

10% infra from a level 4 is about 5 levels and if maxed infra those levels will all be 35-60M gold each - thats up to 300M gold gone from troops building and primarch levelling into a meaningless cycle of loss. If conquers will happen more often (as they have been, compared with historically) these losses will accelerate teams disbanding - if they can’t build troops and have no gold for revives what is there left to fight with and for?


Hmm if this is going to be a problem there has to be another way to prevent stingy pirates and stingy teams from stealing castles to get free bonuses.

Atlas is now re-enabled. Shields will be up for 2 more hours until 6:45pm. Thanks for your patience.


Your fix will just mean that instead of having primes you can hit on some castles the mega alliance will just own all of the castles and you still actually won’t have a thing to hit unless you all decide to hit each other. If that fix satisfies alright than.

  1. Diamond/sapphire will have teams full of alts that they will use to hit for full glory.

What starts in 2 hours? New lands that have been reset? The new atlas season? Both? Because I don’t understand releasing new lands without the start of the new season and that isn’t supposed to start until tomorrow.

I actually think that openning the new lands before the season starts is a good idea…people will need to use troops to get castles they want and won’t ust go around for glory then leave. It leads to teams actually fighting other teams for glory to progress the season…

Not too happy about the lack of communication though!! :sweat_smile: Dates/times announced have been VERY different from actual dates/times… :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:


I don’t know why but your missing some key points as well. Which tells me your either with the pirates or on some side that could potentially be a hypocrite or not a hypocrite. Just saying I don’t know but due to the behaviors around this topic I choice to trust no one but myself in this situation until a good valid argument appears.

There are inaccessible hex’s on new lands