The many currencies of war dragons

So we have a ton of different currencies in this little game.
I’m still trying to figure out if that’s awesome or lame.

You have lumber, embers, fire and ice shards, for every different tower
You will need these to get that impressive defensive power.

This will take forever unless you have timers to increase your speed.
And let’s not forget the tokens, thats if you want to breed.

That only gets you some dragons, it won’t bring you a season divine.
For those you need those sigils, and having many of those is mighty fine.

And what about those riders? The one that has it’s own shard.
Getting these in game can be very hard.

I forgot about the atlas side, the scrolls, the elemental shards, keystones, and the very shiny gold.
These will get you gear and your troops that make you super bold.

I dont know if we count those things like hammers, swords, and shields.
Or all those spells and bonuses that the immortal forge yields.

Did I mention rubies, xp, and then there is one more that’s a must.
The thing that pg stole from us, the ever precious dust.

So many things to gather just to pay for something more.
It’s like you come bursting thru the screen to find another door.

Don’t get upset my friends don’t stress the little bits.
Just take a deep deep breath and please just calm your tits.

Because tomorrow is a bright and a brand new day,
And if there are other things to make us buy, PG will find a way.



As we say in Australia, this is solid gold :+1::+1::joy:


Haha he said tits :speak_no_evil:


Lame is the answer… if you havn’t figured it out yet :slight_smile:

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And there is energy and inner fire
To get you in the rankings higher

This was amazing. Really made me smile as I ate my breakfast at such an ungodly hour (I am soooo not a morning person). I really enjoyed reading this :blush:

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Made me laugh man.

So many currencies. But Rubies gets them all. :slight_smile:

If only the ruby mine did something other than give a drop to an attacker.

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:grin: yeah I did

Thanks everyone

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