The most dangerous man alive my opinion

Tom McDonald is his name his words and his message is what I believe is truth and facts he can’t be controlled independent artist alot of people don’t know him but his first song I heard was trying to kill me but I will share few songs and a reaction to his no lives matter video
The reaction video second is the entire video

Song that made me follow him

I can relate to famous because I became everything I hate

Put him in suriah or killotherngistan he will happy

When I mean dangerous I mean a person that can say what they want because he can’t be controlled

Hulk Smash!!

Expensive tattoo, expensive hair cut, looks spoil kid to me

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yeah… I have to disagree. This guy is trying WAY too hard to be controversial. He’s not dangerous, he just is an attention-seeking wannabe. That and his music pretty much is awful (at least the videos you posted above). Anyone can say what they want to say. I don’t think he even believes his own message if I’m being frank…

But this is just my opinion. :man_shrugging:

I believe he is saying what others can’t if you see a video about publisher giving him crap about his content being offensive