The Most Usless "Benefit"

@PGDave , not sure if this was intentional or just a mistake but when you level your Tower, it decreases your “time reduction cost”, it used to reduce the gold cost, which was actually helpful. You would think time reduction HAS to be helpful right? WRONG. It just means your troops finish faster, but your hats regenerate at the exact same speed. So even if they do…this provides absolutely zero benefit because you still have to wait for the hats. It would make a lot more sense for your hat pool to grow above 3998 to allow for greater builds, or go back to a reduced gold cost. Even a reduction in the cost of hats needed to make troops? But this literally has zero benefit as it is.


That really would help alot

Yeah. I think either as you say, reduce gold cost, increase that number of hats that regen, or just decrease the time it takes to regen it’s. Any of those are useful, to varying degrees, but all more useful than time for the troops to complete.

Got the small benefit of using a few less minute timers :grin:

The build time shrinks at the same rate you can earn more gold by leveling up your bank! Hats stay the same, but there’s more than enough hats to keep the queue busy all day even if a team got to maximum build speed and gold production. People who can play more often will have an advantage since hats regenerate a bit quicker than once every 3hr, but the quick refill time also helps people who can’t play for some long stretches but can check in more frequently during other periods.

It’s expected that different teams will value different buffs differently.

I dont think this buff likely benefits anyone though…you are still capped by the 3 hour time frame of hat regeneration which is a pretty small window. I dont see a scenario where this “buff” helps unless you have another that increases the rate of regeneration for hats.

You cant have enough hats. The only way is to wait 3h and build another 399 troops. So this feature is deemed useless per @Panda’s post

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2:45 to max hats, and 5:30 to build 399 troops. I can see a time reduction helping, provided you can find the gold to take advantage of an additional troop build.

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Building a Tower “Reduces Troop Costs”
From the Training Menu, “Costs” are broken down into “Time” Cost Reduced, and “Gold” Cost Reduced.
Why list “Gold” Cost Reduced if you can’t reduce this cost?
Why not just describe the Tower Upgrade as “Reduces Troop Build Time”?
Calling it a “Cost” Reduction is confusing.

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Why can’t we reduce the building cost (gold cost) for troops? It makes more sense when you upgrade higher level tower perhaps (besides making portals bigger to send troops over)? So now instead of 400k per 399 troops, why not drop it to 380k or so depending on the tower level?

Leveling up the bank has a similar effect already (you get more gold, which you can spend on ships [effectively reducing their cost] or on something else if you want [hooray for choice!]).

I still think this benefit has almost zero tangible gain.

This is like telling me you are going to add more and more horsepower to my car but then say…you can never have any gas. I mean sure, the engine COULD be more powerful but it never will.

I agree with this. It should increase hat reg speed or reduce gold costs. I find it pointless to reduce troop time when I’m still waiting for hats. @PGDave What if we think about it like this.

If my hats say had a 100% increase in reg time. I would soon fill all three slots. Then what would I do? I would speed up my troops (use timers). So I could build more troops. So I would collectively be using timers. I get more troops, and PG gets my timers. How is that not a better solution?

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Why not raise the hat limit with each build?

Each build adds 500 hats for an additional 50 troops?
So the limit of 399 can go to 449… 499 … 549 etc
An extra 50 per build would be nice or if that’s too much do 25.

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My assumption on the low “cap” for hats (3999) is that its a built in mechanism to allow non-spender highly actives to compete with low active spenders.

A spender might come in twice a day
pop through his 399 troops and maybe even add another 399 via rubies
so 800 x 2 = 1600 troops for the day

The non spender now has the ability (by being highly active for a much longer time) to catch up to the spender.

This would be my GUESS at to the reason of this mechanism.

Coming back to the reduction

  • I strongly feel the “timer” reduction for troop speed is bleh - its a theoretical benefit to most players that are pushing the building limits. The only real cap is hats. It provides little to no incentive to upgrade a building, other than a handful of minutes of timers, which spenders will spend anyways, and free to play players cant do, but if combined with gold % reduction it would be interesting.

Lastly I’m not convinced that this is offset by “banks” as gold is currently short. Yes we get more by building higher level banks, but at a basic level, this offers a “small” tweak to the gold economy - lots of small tweaks is probably better than large scale changes.


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