The Movement is a Lie?

Hey you guys.

My Line chats were talking about two blogs this morning. I thought both links were very interesting and was wondering what the larger community was thinking about them. These are the blogs, they seem to be countering each other.

What do you guys think?


One is sincere and true. The other is an ad campaign to derail it.
It’s really that simple.


Meh, who cares. :man_shrugging:


:roll_eyes: lmao all imma say

Wow that first one at least looks like a genuine flat-earth-level conspiracy site, with all the random caps, random font sizes, and attempts to look “scientific” while utterly failing to do so.

Not going to actually waste time on reading either, the whole grandstanding and whining of atlas politics bores me to no end.


Did @HWRD wright the cat one? Cause its really HWRDy.

Join a real pirate team. Then you can just ignore ALL of this stuff. Maybe do some missions, snipe anyone you want a few times. Log off and go do something else.

Read a book.
Watch some TV.
Chat with your friends (6 feet apart or online)
CALL YOUR MOM! Seriously. Dad might like to hear from you too. (If you are luck enough to have living parents.)
Clean your home office.
Upgrade your router to a new Quad Core ARM box.
Play another game. Monopoly is still fun, thousands of online games around too.
Learn to cook, or improve your skill. NOBODY is perfect at cooking ALL of the time. Always room to try something new or different or better.
Sew masks for those who need them.
Brew your own BEER. You can get every single thing you need shipped to your home.

You can buy a “bug” for cats on Amazon for fiddy cents. Two for a buck. You and your cat will have fun.

Any one of those things could improve your physical or mental heath. Atlas politics will improve neither.


to me, though i am part of both, both sides are full of sh1t when things come to politics. :sweat_smile:


politics are fun with 1mill troops


maybe u r that kinda person.

i don’t find politics in atlas fun even with 2~3m troops sitting in my barracks on both of my main acc’s.

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Shower me more of WD drama please!!

This is better than Betty Lafea chiklit telenovela!

Idk, I’ll take my amusement reading about a bunch of noobs who think themselves important and take themselves too seriously anyway.

chomps popcorn

I’ll say that the first website def reads like sum bullshit tho.


Well, the cake is a lie. That’s for sure.

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That may be true. But I can attest that my movement earlier was VERY real.


Here we go again. theMovement is actually doing stuff. They do not claim to redistribute atlas realestate, they aren’t supposed to overthrow Dread, they are “suppose to play the game the way it is meant to be played.” They’re doing that. For better or worse. If hit dread ect, great! If they hit plat teams, they’re free to do that as well. With all the plat teams that have such crappy castle defense, it’s no wonder they do it.

Anyway, theMovement is more against Dread than the DOA. Dread, from I hear, makes up the over whelming wast majority of atlas. So the more whining about the movement there is, the better job I tend to believe they are doing.

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Honestly who cares? Differing sides can bicker and point fingers for this or that, sure. Some diamond teams switched sides is essentially the beginning, middle, and end of this story.

Though I’m not sure how these don’t contradict.

But, it’s whatever. Just do what is fun.

Didn’t read it but FEAR NOT lol

My objection to them is that their post doesn’t seem to match up with what I’d assume they intend to do. A decent read of the post:

I’d also add that it’s already difficult for smaller teams to fathom LD having the same issues as they face with their larger alliances/leadership. As such, their post comes off as a bit…um, let’s say, condescending? (There are better words around, I can’t think of them) It honestly feels like they’re trying to promise things that they cannot do simply to appeal to a larger audience which by right shouldn’t give a shit about what larger teams outside of their mega alliance are doing.

Idk. It’s not appealing to me, and it comes off as facetious.

Cheeky here points out how they implied they would redistribute Atlas property, which can…honestly also be read as ‘castles that matter to us will be redistributed’, which they have. You, however, also note that

Which is fair too. It’s just not what they seem to be saying in their post.

All in all it just feels like they could have handled their propaganda better and not made it and their actions seem at odds. Pretty words good propaganda does not make.

What is The Movement? :crazy_face:

The movement was founded in 2006 to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly Black women and girls, and other young women of color from low wealth communities, find pathways to healing. Our vision from the beginning was to address both the dearth in resources for survivors of sexual violence and to build a community of advocates, driven by survivors, who will be at the forefront of creating solutions to interrupt sexual violence in their communities.