The nerfing of hunters specifically Noctua and the over all seasonal Divine dragon quality

. Hi guys , as we all know that PG came up with this overall update of spells and dragons. I do appreciate that they have tried to fix warriors and sorcerers however we can see that they have also nerfed some great hunturs such as noctua and Borgian and morphos etc. we have been playing this game for quite some time as have spent countless hours of hard work and dedication to egg token missions or to reach a certain goal in the events and even some extream xp runs. This game not only required a lot of dedication but also money and time. After that when it is finally time to reap the rewards they nerfed things. The first complaint is that PG nerfed hunters it is visibally there which is very unreasonable given that to get the seasonal dragons such as Borgian and .morphos and even the regular dragons such as Noctua, one has to invest a lot of time and money. People specifically chose breeding pathways to get Noctua first but nerfing him is just a slap on the face from PG. I remember when we finally were catching up to get the top tier dragons they released another tier and then another which destroyed a lot of players especially the new ones and some that had been around a year or so, we did not complain and accepted the changes. Then they started to decrease the quality of the Devine dragons. Let’s just look at this season Avex is not a good hunter Noctua was way better it doesn’t even have a white spell, Equestor is decent, but the warrior Gladicus is not that good and people were willing to spend over 2000$ including me to get the mythic hunter. They showed a video of the hunter with a white spell and some great runs but now changing spells to red and blue is not fair. The Mythics are supposed to be considered a badge of honor from PG but we have seen each and everyone of them not live up to the promos. Algore was a mythic people spent al lot to get him and PG destroyed it and it isn’t even mythic status anymore and PG said it’s better for the game overall and people accepted it. The other mythics weren’t as promising either and then came Morphos which a lot of people got because it was a hunter and people love hunters, it was still pretty good but now when they nerfed him with slowing down hunters it’s now mostly useless. And the biggest one yet was Sage they nerfed him so much that it wasn’t even good anymore at high levels well with the white thunderstorm they did let him stay at the point it was on. __Now we all collectively, need to ask PG to listen to us for once and repay us for our dedication to this game. Please PG if you are reading this thread fix the hunters and please improve the spell quality of the Devine’s they are supposed to have atleast one white spell each to make them worth it. And the promos of fixing Mafic is still not fulfilled it is a mythic hunter and still not better than Noctua. I know that I am not highlevel enough to have these dragons but I am speaking on the behalf of my teammates, league mates and friend who have gotten these dragons.


Exactly. They have a habit of ruining the good to get you to buy new then nerf those. Its the circle of pg


In what way did they nerf Noctua? just checked the balance changes and there wasn’t any nerf as far as what I have read on that other thread.

His attack speed is slower and feels like he is astmatic when attacking towers! Feels like hes outta breath


People I have talked to have told me that the projectile firing speed has been decreased for noctua, Borgian and Morphos when he asked PG they confirmed that to rebalance everything they did infact reduce the speed. I have noticed on Borgian. Ask the person who posted above NERFedNOctua they have it at expert and have complained as such.

Many noctua flyers have noticed this change ! I use noctua alot like 99.9 percent of my attacks will be using noctua and he is hardly able to and in some cases cannot beat bases he would have before this update. :rage:


So they reduced the effectiveness of one of the most overly effective dragons in the game?

Hold on, let me show you my shocked face.



This is garbage … hunters use speed to compensate for low HP… now they remove the speed… they said they were changing sorrcerers and warriors and making them faster … once again without telling us made drastic changes … hunters are now slower … the one thing they did right was hunters and now they are screwed … week by week they are ruining this game … this will be a last straw for many players


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I don’t see anything stating they specifically nerf’d Hunters. Not sure where this is coming from, unless i missed something?

That’s the problem - either it’s an unintended glitch from the patch (which is what we hope, so they will fix it), or they snuck this in without telling us (in which case they won’t fix it).


Its something thats noticed when using said dragon (s) no mention of it. Just hope whatwas said above its just a glitch is correct!

It’s a drastic difference when using my hunters … specifically noctua, morph, and borg … the attack is slower

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They did not say it in the update but they are slower as per the users, including me. My Borgian has a much slower projectile rate. I love hunters they require the high rate of fire cuz they have limited firepower and less health so it requires skill to fly. It’s good that they improved warriors and sorcerors, they needed improvement but slowing down hunters is bad. If this was a coding mistake by PG I would like to bring it to their attention but as per some of my fellow league mates and some teammates PG has stated that they decreased the hunter firing speed to compensate for the overall game rebalancing. However, it is not fair for those who specifically followed breeding guides to get hunters because of their skill level.Renard was further nurfed by red thunderstorm but it was compensated for higher rate of fire which was good but hunters got nothing. I went for Avex this season and was willing to go the whole way for the Mythic but now the mythic is also not that good it has no white spells. I liked the season when they Gave divine dragons atleast one white spell. Avex has no white spell and it’s projectile fire rate is also decreased so it’s even worse. I was hoping for the mythic to be as advertised on the test runs but they nerfed it too so what is the point. Also the level 60 towers with even one defender were super hard to takedown with Noctua but now they are almost impossible cuz you can be hit by mages and then it’s useless. I hope PG takes a notice of this, I suggest they fix things that are broken and not destroy the ones that are good. I switched from AA path to Icicle just for Noctua despite the fact that I wasted over 300k tokens which took me over 4 months to save and I was happy to pay the cost after seeing Noctua in action, but now it very disheartening.


How are hunters slowed down? A genuine question

Avyx is pretty good btw. Just look at Obsidian breedable Mythics and you’ll love Avyx like there’s no tomorrow

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Both me Borgian and Necryx are spitting their fire so freaking slowly…! That Sandstorm already took forever to hit his target, now it’s even worst… but the normal attack is so evident… Now hunter will be pointless… Hammer will have time to heal towers…!


:flushed::flushed::flushed: Am i missing something here?